Guest Post: Insidious Stealth Mind-Control Is Spreading And I Have No Idea What Can Be Done About It

It is well-established that when a mind lacks the linguistic tools to conceive of certain thoughts, those thoughts become impossible to conceive. This is why tight control of the language was so central to Big Brother’s control of the populace in “1984,” and, it seems clear, why current aspiring power-mongers on the Left are increasingly employing censorship and linguistic manipulation to herd a lazy, badly-educated and apathetic public into virtual pens where they can be controlled and relied upon to support their betters.

Wisconsinites Must “Share In The Blame” For Chicago’s Gun Violence? [UPDATES]

Over the years I've gotten the impression that Humphrey thinks of himself as some kind of thinking intellectual, well maybe next time Humphrey will react a bit less, set aside his obvious bias and critically think more before posting such ridiculous nonsense, after all, he's the thinker of Caffeinated Politics.

Typical Reaction: Hateful & Bigoted

Violent crime is a very serious problem and it seems to be growing in frequency, but punishing law abiding non-criminal citizens by either stripping or limiting their individual Constitutional right due to the illegal actions of criminals is not only illogical and lacking any critical thinking but it's wildly immoral to the point of being pure evil.