Moving Beyond Atmospheric Carbon Propaganda


Knowledge is power and moving beyond all the propaganda surrounding atmospheric carbon and electric vehicles and understanding facts is paramount to a reasonable understanding of the issue, and if that means swimming around in a pool of calculations until that light bulb of understanding lights up, then so be it.

Epidemic Levels Of Absurdities Are Infecting Our Society


Who would have thought back in the United States of America's bicentennial celebration year of 1976 that in less than 50 years the solid foundation of morals, ethics, critical thinking, logic, common sense, liberty and the Constitution that the culture of the USA has been built upon would be flipped on its' figurative head and undermined to the point of utter absurdity.

What Would You Call It?


The move towards speech censorship is a terrible anti-American, anti-culture/society, anti-civil, and anti-constitutional pattern, it's unethical, it's immoral and it's just plain wrong for our society as a whole and for the morality of individuals. Our society is rapidly moving towards complete moral bankruptcy and anarchy and the censoring of free speech is leading the flock of ignorant sheeple away from liberty and straight over the metaphorical cliff into the abyss of open persecution, tyranny and eventual Orwellian political totalitarianism.

Global Atmospheric Carbon & Fossil Fuels


21st century apocalyptic global warming advocates are telling us that we must immediately cease to use things like gas stoves, gasoline powered cars, coal & gas fired power plants, natural gas, propane, jet fuel, etc to stop the imminent global warming disaster that always seems to be right around the corner but every time we turn the corner there's nothing there.

Guest Post: Insidious Stealth Mind-Control Is Spreading And I Have No Idea What Can Be Done About It

It is well-established that when a mind lacks the linguistic tools to conceive of certain thoughts, those thoughts become impossible to conceive. This is why tight control of the language was so central to Big Brother’s control of the populace in “1984,” and, it seems clear, why current aspiring power-mongers on the Left are increasingly employing censorship and linguistic manipulation to herd a lazy, badly-educated and apathetic public into virtual pens where they can be controlled and relied upon to support their betters.