Comment Policies

[Last Update June 29, 2019]

Comments posted by persons other than the blogger do not reflect the opinions of the blogger they reflect the opinions of the commenter.

If you want to contact me about these policies use the contact form.

I have simple rules:
1. This is my blog, I make the choices as to who can and cannot comment.

2. This is my blog, I make the choices of what I choose to accept as comments. Make too much of a ruckus about this and I’ll refer you to #1.

3. Anonymity as a commenter will be honored. With very few exceptions, I really don’t care what you use as a pseudonym as long as it’s not profanity, it’s the content of your comments that represent who you are. Petty comments attacking others for choosing anonymity will not be tolerated and comments from anonymous comment posters that personally attack the personal attributes of commenters that choose not to be anonymous will also not be tolerated; these comments will be deleted and the commenter will be either warned or banned.

4. Profanity is tolerated in context of comments but please keep it at a reasonably respectful minimum. If I think you’ve gone too far, I’ll let you know.

4. This is my blog, if I think you are trolling you will be banned.

5. Verbal threats will never be tolerated.

6. Challenge arguments/opinions but don’t attack the person.

7. Stand-alone ad hominem comments will not be tolerated.

8. Don’t expect anyone to reply to your comments.

9. Don’t be a snowflake; discussing things online can sometimes get rough so don’t take things too personally. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

10. If you think you’ve been unjustly banned (See #1) feel free to contact me via the contact form but don’t expect any kind of instant gratification from me or satisfaction based on your own expectations.

Ending note: I reserve the right to delete any comment and/or ban any commenter without warning. If you choose; we can work together to find a solution to perceived problems but it’s a two way street which sometimes requires compromise to accomplish the goal; the goal here is to meet the standards and in this case the standards are set by the blogger – me.

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