Episode VII: Absurdity In The 21st Century Has Somehow Become “Normal”? e.g. Unwarranted & Unproductive Hate Of The Status Quo

Wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.

I think there is one very significant thing that can be said about the complete lack of common sense, logic and critical thinking across the United State and that very significant thing is absurdity abounds across the United States of America.

In this episode we’ll talk about the absurdity of unwarranted and unproductive hate of the status quo from people that can’t see the forest for the trees.

Note: This blog post was inspired by a Comment of the Day from the regular Ethics Alarms commenter Humble Talent who just happens to have his own blog called Humble Musings.

Sweeping across the United States in the 21st century is a level of hate and irrational hysteria coming from progressives that has never been seen before at any point of our history. Their hate and hysteria is literally targeting things that make the United States of America who we are.

Modern day progressivism activists hate the United States of America, yes they literally hate (feel intense or passionate dislike for) the USA. They hate that the 1st Amendment applies to everyone, they hate ethical journalism, they hate the concept of innocent until proven guilty, they hate the justice system and anyone or anything that supports it, they hate civility, they hate the police, they hate anyone that opposes their ideology, they hate a Constitution that dares to allow others to oppose their ideology, they hate that our basic freedoms and Liberty allow some people to make more money than others, they hate that those they oppose have any rights, they project a belief in rights for me but not for thee, they hate the fact that equal opportunity doesn’t equate to equal outcomes, they hate our system of education, they hate that all our history (both good and bad) make us what we are today, they hate the status quo, they hate, Hate, HATE. Their hate is a malignant cancer to our society, our way of life i.e. our culture, and our country and their anti-American ideology viewpoints are growing like a cancer across the entire spectrum of our society.

The core of hate the progressivism activists have shown us is their utter hate for the status quo. It’s as if we as a nation are going through a generational rebellion that’s lasted for 15+ years and run by immature adolescent mentality, if it’s considered the status quo, it’s got a bullseye on it!

Our society and culture are constantly under “attack” from immature progressivism activists. It’s crystal clear to me that progressivism activists are out to destroy anything and everything that they consider the status quo all in the name of change, which seems to be their Holy doctrine. Progressivism is literally anti status quo in the 21st century, if something exists as a current “status quo” then it’s anti-progressive (see their Holy doctrine above) and evil and therefore must be destroyed. Progressives consider their Holy doctrine of ideological changes to be an improvement to society and culture and anyone that opposes their Holy doctrine is obviously evil and must be destroyed.

Irrational progressivism activists have four tenets of “truth”…

  1. Progressives are right.
  2. Everyone else is wrong.
  3. Wrong is evil.
  4. Evil must be destroyed.

…that’s the dead end of the 21st century irrational progressivism activists’ ability to think critically and they are trying to infect the rest of the population with their nonsense bigotry.

Remember Obama’s words calling the progressivism activists to action during his Presidential campaign in 2008…

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Well folks we are reaping the societal and cultural fallout of that call to action and now we have a horde of irrational progressivism activists actively trying to fundamentally change the USA, and the world, and they’re doing everything they can to implement their irrational anti status quo social and cultural changes regardless of the lack of common sense, critical thinking or logic in their “ideology”. I used that word “ideology” very loosely when it comes to progressivism because being nothing but pure anti status quo is not an ideology it’s ignorant and uncompromising immaturity. Progressivism is an enemy to the underlying status quo that has helped make and maintain the USA for well over 200 years.

Progressivism is a hive-minded cult.

  • Progressivism is and enemy to Liberty.
  • Progressivism is an enemy of civility.
  • Progressivism is an enemy to our culture.
  • Progressivism is an enemy to our society.
  • Progressivism is an enemy of the status quo.
  • Progressivism is an enemy of logic.
  • Progressivism is an enemy of critical thinking.
  • Progressivism is an enemy of common sense.
  • Progressivism is an enemy of the Constitution and therefore…
  • Progressivism is an enemy of the people.

Progressivism activists sure seem to want to burn it all to the ground and replace it with their form of “purity” and if you’d listen closely you’d hear them tell you.

It’s absolutely absurd for people to be using the very core of the Constitution, our freedoms and Liberty to destroy the same Constitution, freedoms and Liberty that literally gives them the individual rights they’re abusing in their efforts to destroy the rights of those they consider to be ideologically impure. Yes, these people hate the very tools they use to destroy others, that’s ignorant and absurd. They should be very careful what they wish for because their push for a totalitarian nation WILL backfire when that coveted totalitarian nation strips everyone including them of their political power and forcibly suppresses their right to spew their ignorant adolescent nonsense. Yes these irrational progressivism activists can’t see the forest for the trees.

You certainly have the right to think these attacks on the status quo are just some kind of fad that will fade or a conspiracy theory or that the shifting to a totalitarian nation couldn’t possibly happen here in the good ‘ole US of A, well your ignorance could lead straight to the destruction of the USA if you don’t stand up and stand against this ignorant adolescent nonsense because if it’s allowed to go on unchallenged…

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.
Martin Niemöller

At the end of the day, totalitarian progressivism activists, requiring their usual hive-minded complete subservience, will sit proudly on their throne of ash having destroyed their impure targets, and anything that supported the target, for a lack of progressive purity and then, without using a shred of common sense, critical thinking or logic, they’ll move on to their next impure target with a tragic lack of self awareness.

Don’t think for a moment that their totalitarian goals are not possible to achieve in the United States of America, others throughout history and across the globe have had similar thoughts but these things can and do happen right under your nose.

Auschwitz Gate 

What will you choose to do about the irrational progressivism activists and their rebellious adolescent nonsense?

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