The Dikes of Reality Have Been Breeched and Tidal Waves of “Bias Makes You Stupid” Hysteria Has Undermined Critical Thinking

If these are the kinds of arguments you use to support gun control, anti-firearm or anti 2nd Amendment stance then you, yes YOU are the real problem with the debate about firearm related violence. I’m going to paraphrase what I’ve been hearing from anti-firearm advocates recently…

  • The NRA should pay for the funerals of firearm victims.
  • The NRA should pay for the hospital bills of people injured by firearms.
  • The NRA and soulless gun manufacturers should pay for the enormous costs of firearm victims without adequate health insurance.
  • Why doesn’t the NRA and soulless gun manufacturers push for blood drives where mass shootings take place and scores of wounded are rushed to hospitals?
  • The NRA and soulless gun manufacturers are too busy counting the blood money from their gun sales to care about victims of firearm violence.
  • Why do people think that guns are more important than victims of gun violence being able to walk or live?
  • No one needs their personal guns more than a firearm victim needs to walk or live. 
  • There is so much anger, revulsion, and utter repudiation for the selfish and soulless gun advocates and the blood-soaked NRA.
  • The actions and amoral behaviors of the NRA and firearm advocates create the conditions where firearm victims are maimed or die.
  • If you have in any way supported the NRA or voted for their political puppets who have undermined gun legislation in our nation then you are to blame for firearm violence.
  • The NRA, soulless gun manufacturers and those that support the 2nd Amendment are amoral.
  • Parents should be held responsible for their adult children that resort to firearm violence.
  • The AR-15 has no valid recreational use and should be banned. 
  • Those that have AR15’s are bat-crap crazy knuckledraggers.
  • Anyone that would like to have an AR15 is mentally unstable.
  • White men are the “cause” of mass shootings.
  • Firearms, not people, are to blame for firearm violence.
  • Our nation places the selfish needs of firearm owners that hold onto their weapons with a fetish quality and think their firearms are more important than the lives and safety of the vast majority of the nation.
  • Guns are a fetish for men who need some external means to enhance their image of being masculine.
  • The usefulness of an AR-15 in the real world is nil.
  • Gunmakers, NRA, unconscionable clowns within GOP and those that support the 2nd Amendment need to be held accountable for firearm deaths.
  • The 2nd Amendment only allows people to have single shot muskets.
  • The 2nd Amendment doesn’t give individuals the right to own a “weapon of war”.
  • The 2nd Amendment should be abolished.
  • We’re coming to take your firearms from your cold dead hands.
  • Firearm owners think that the 2nd Amendment is the “it’s legal to murder” amendment.
  • NRA members are murderers.
  • Gun owners are murders.
  • It’s the fucking guns stupid.
  • Guns kill people.
  • Archaic laws created in the 18th century are useless drivel in the 21st century.
  • Americans are “slaves” to the U.S. Constitution.
  • The Constitution itself is now the problem for the country.
  • The Supreme Court is illegitimate.
  • NRA = Death
  • Etc, etc, etc…

I’m sure there are plenty more of the non critical thinking, hysterical, bias makes you stupid arguments that could extend that list to absurdity, feel free to share some that you’ve heard or read in your comments.

I want you to notice something about all of the hysterical arguments in my list, not even one of them target the actual criminal shooter or try to deal with why the criminal shooter resorted to gun violence, their target is specifically the NRA, firearm manufacturers, inanimate firearms, you the responsible firearm owner, the Supreme Court and the United States Constitution; those rhetorical FACTS of the anti-firearm propaganda should raise some serious red flags related to their intent.

These totalitarian minded people what to severely limit or intentionally infringe on the Constitutional rights of the ALL OF THE RESPONSIBLE FIREARM OWNERS that own 99.999852% of firearms because 0.000148% of firearms are criminally misused, this is pure tyrannical hysteria!

3 thoughts on “The Dikes of Reality Have Been Breeched and Tidal Waves of “Bias Makes You Stupid” Hysteria Has Undermined Critical Thinking

  1. Yeah, I wish I had something to add but you’re always so thorough. One thing did come to mind, I read BBC news from time to time and frequently see articles with headlines to the effect: America’s Gun Culture…..

    …what can be done?
    …how did it get this way?
    …how many people have to die?

    They may not be the actual headlines but they’re pretty close. America’s Gun Culture – give me a break.

    I’ve been shooting since I was 8 years old. I was taught gun safety and how to shoot by my grandfather. It seemed most people had guns when I was a lad and nobody went berserk when they saw you with a gun in the backyard even. Well, now I live in NY and if I walked out into the yard with one of my rifles, I’d bet 3 or 4 people would call the police.

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  2. How many of the crazies that get off on shooting things up, like people, are members of the NRA?
    How may good guys with guns have prevented/decreased the casualties of the crazies that like to shoot things up, like people?

    Remove guns and the crazies will always find a way to act out; like driving into crowds, but at least we’ll have a disarmed populace thereby further empowering those in government with sinister minds/motives.

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