Episode II: Absurdity In The 21st Century Has Somehow Become “Normal”? e.g. Stoking Unfounded Fear

Wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.

I think there is one very significant thing that can be said about the complete lack of common sense, logic and critical thinking across the United States since the recent Supreme Court ruling that tossed Roe v Web and that very significant thing is absurdity abounds across the United States of America.

In this episode I’ll talk about the freak out coming from the gay community because of the Dobbs ruling.

I recently wrote in a blog post,

Here is something that deeply infects our society and divides us along what appears to be a line that’s becoming socially fuzzy, it’s the line where logic meets biased non-logic, common sense meets biased absurdity, and critical thinking meets pure reactionary bias. The result seems to be emotional hysteria and tunnel vision that’s all guided by pure unadulterated bias. Basically bigotry with a strong component of hysteria.


If people… would take a moment and look outside their tunnel vision and beyond their biased bigotry into real logic, common sense and critical thinking they might find a simple reason to agree. Instead many of them launch themself into a bigoted biased reactionary tirade of hysteria that’s socially divisive.

The gay community has cherry picked statements made in an opinion written by Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and they’re extrapolating those statements to absurdity trying confirm their fears about the future of gay marriage while they completely ignore very specific statements that LITERALLY prove that their fears are unfounded and here is a blog post, from a blogger that’s local to Madison Wisconsin area, that has done exactly that. Get this, they aren’t freaking out about something that’s actually happened, they’re freaking out about, to put it very bluntly, something that hasn’t happened and likely will never happen; this is pure hysteria (exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement). That blogger, like so many biasedly obsessed people out there, has intentionally cherry picked Justice Thomas’s statements and extrapolated them to absurdity and rhetorically twisted them into a delusion that somehow supports their biasedly obsessed narrative while they all effectively ignore what the court wrote that very specifically and very literally disproves their “sky is falling” argument.

Based on the arguments made by these ignorantly biased people, is it reasonably fair to think that they never bothered to actually read the entire ruling from the Supreme Court with an open mind and are simply parroting things that conform to their tunnel visioned biased narrative; yes, I think that is fair. They, like Vice President Harris are walking around with their damn fingers figuratively shoved in their ears completely ignoring contradictory facts and parroting a narrative that unethically smears the Supreme court in their effort to gin up hate.

Vice President Kamala Harris and others repeated the claims that same-sex marriage, contraceptives, and other rights are now in danger. The Court, however, expressly and repeatedly stated that this decision could not be used to undermine those rights: “Abortion is fundamentally different, as both Roe and Casey acknowledged, because it destroys what those decisions called ‘fetal life’ and what the law now before us describes as an ‘unborn human being.’” The Court noted:

“Perhaps this is designed to stoke unfounded fear that our decision will imperil those other rights, but the dissent’s analogy is objectionable for a more important reason: what it reveals about the dissent’s views on the protection of what Roe called “potential life.” The exercise of the rights at issue in Griswold, Eisenstadt, Lawrence, and Obergefell does not destroy a “potential life,” but an abortion has that effect. So if the rights at issue in those cases are fundamentally the same as the right recognized in Roe and Casey, the implication is clear: The Constitution does not permit the States to regard the destruction of a “potential life” as a matter of any significance.”

[bold text emphasis was my choice]

The Dobbs Decision Unleashes Rage and Revisionism

Vice President Kamala Harris is literally “stoking unfounded fear” with misinformation, go figure that a 21st century Democratic Party politician would do such a thing; yup, after the last 6+ years of pure misinformation from the political left this is no surprise.

Also, Ethics Alarms has a multitude of blog posts covering the Dobbs freak-out that go all the way back to when the Supreme Court opinion was leaked. These freak outs are signature significant.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really do understand that many of these people have obvious bias’s because of their lifestyle choices but the “sky is falling” opinions they are parroting regarding gay marriage is delusional (characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument) thinking. These hysterical people are freaking out as if it’s factually proven that what they’re predicting it’s positively going to happen, no if’s, and’s, or buts; it’s almost like precrime to these delusional fanatics. Here’s a fact for these delusional fanatics; no matter how many biasedly obsessed people choose to believe this misinformation, it’s still verifiably false and the Supreme Court went out of their way to specifically stated that it’s false in their opinion.

Something that struck me as pure gaslighting in the Humphrey blog I linked to above is, “…it was sophomoric and utterly ridiculous for anyone to claim two months ago that gay people in our nation had nothing to worry about regarding our marriage rights.”

I was one of the people that called his fears about gay marriage an “extrapolation to absurdity” in an earlier blog post when he still allowed my contradictory opinions in his comment threads. What’s “sophomoric and utterly ridiculous” is Humphrey’s apparent continued inability to grasp the actual fact based truth and instead present his biased hysteria predictions as if it’s fact. I was actually 100% correct in my assertion weeks ago and Humphrey was, and still is, 100% verifiably incorrect based on all the actual facts, and the opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States is the proof. With very, very rare exceptions, Humphrey has shown himself to be an anti-Republican progressively minded illiberal at every turn, I’ve discussed it before. I suppose these people can choose to remain blinded by looking at the world through their industrial-strength weapons-grade thickened ideological blinders (#Cornelius Gotchberg) but their bias’s are making them look a bit foolish to the point of being completely absurd.

The Caffeinated Politics blog post that I linked to above, Vice President Harris’ parroting similar propaganda, and many, many more blogs and media reports and politicians making similar claims about this being the beginning of the end of gay marriage are all propaganda misinformation and it’s doing exactly what the court said, it’s “stoking unfounded fear”. Here’s a special note for everyone, when the Supreme Court of the United States of America specifically talks about “stoking unfounded fear” people should unbury their heads from their asses and freaking listen!

It’s ABSURD that these people completely ignore facts!

Damn near everything that’s happening in the continuing Dobbs freak out supports the arguments I’ve shared in previous blog posts, here, here, and here plus additional blog posts at Ethics Alarms and Jonathan Turley’s blog all show us that real logic, common sense and critical thinking are a thing of the past for the political left especially for the extreme progressives. It really does seem that the extreme progressives have four tenets of “truth”…

  1. The left is right.
  2. The right is wrong.
  3. Wrong is evil.
  4. Evil must be destroyed.

…that’s the dead end of the 21st century extreme progressives’ ability to think critically and they are trying to infect the rest of the population with their nonsense bigotry.

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