Episode III: Absurdity In The 21st Century Has Somehow Become “Normal”? e.g. Free Speech Infringement

Wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.

I think there is one very significant thing that can be said about the complete lack of common sense, logic and critical thinking across the United States and that very significant thing is absurdity abounds across the United States of America.

In this episode I’ll talk about the absurdity of abusing your rights to free speech to infringe on the free speech rights of others.

We’ve all seen it or heard about it, it’s everywhere we turn in the political, educational and social arena, there is an unethical 21st century craze to shout-down and literally infringe upon the free speech rights of those you disagree with. These unethical political hacks don’t want to publicly debate their opposition with better arguments, they want to silence their opposition so there’s no possibility of public debate. This is chaotic anti-Constitutional, anti-American, anti-civility and anti-cultural norms, these people are hive minded Orwellian totalitarians.

Rights are not there so they can be intentionally abused to literally infringe on the rights of others.

Let me repeat that…

Rights are not there so they can be intentionally abused to literally infringe on the rights of others.

Using free speech rights to intentionally infringe on the free speech rights of others is literally abuse of 1st Amendment rights. What they’re doing is very intentionally and very literally bastardizing and abusing the 1st Amendment. These totalitarians seem to have been brain-washed into believing that their right to free speech is somehow superior in every way to the right of those who disagree thus justifying public persecution (hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs) of a dissident to the cultish hive mind, it’s an unethical/immoral pure ideological “rights for me but not for thee” rationalization and signature significant of a totalitarian.

I’ve heard it said that “Shouting down a speaker IS free speech.” That’s the kind of Orwellian totalitarian ignorance and/or gaslighting that’s dividing the United States. No it’s not simply free speech, it’s abuse of free speech, it’s intentional persecution (hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs) to literally infringe upon someone else’s right to free speech. Shouting down a speaker is unethical, immoral and (in my opinion) anti-1st Amendment therefore not an ethical Constitutional “legal” behavior, it’s pure persecution.

Political hacks are trying to justify unethical, immoral and uncivil shouting-down abuse of free speech with unethical rationalizations like “everyone is doing it”, “it’s not illegal”, “we can’t stop it because it’s not illegal”, “the 1st Amendment only protects you from the government not private individuals”, “the constitution doesn’t prohibit people from infringing on others rights”, “they disserved to be shouted down” and end justifies the means arguments like “it was hate speech”, “no one should have to hear that crap”, etc, etc. The people that parrot this moronic garbage are anti-Constitutional, anti-cultural, anti-ethical, anti-moral, anti-logic and anti-civility. Just because something is not technically “illegal” doesn’t mean it’s not extralegal or that it’s ethical, moral, culturally normal or right.

Opposition to free speech should always be more free speech using better arguments NOT trying to infringe on the rights of another.

SIDE NOTE: Our justice system can legally strip 2nd Amendment rights from individuals that intentionally abuse those rights to intentionally infringe on the rights of others. The 2nd Amendment abuser gets due process of law and their day in court, the court can legally take away their 2nd Amendment rights. Should we start doing the same thing to those that intentionally abuse 1st Amendment rights to infringe upon the rights of others? No I’m not being flippant, I’m asking a serious question.

Abusing free speech rights to intentionally shout-down and infringe upon the free speech rights of those who you disagree with is anti-American totalitarian bull shit, it’s persecution in its purest form and it is absolutely absurd!

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