Why I’m Casting My Presidential Vote Based 100% On Policy and You Should Too!

As I wrote in my blog post a couple of days ago titled They’ve Had Four Years To Build Up Steam, Now What?

“On November 8, 2016 there was a unprecedented traumatic political event in the United States of America that was like no other political event in the history of our country, Hillary R. Clinton lost the Presidential election to Donald J. Trump.  President Donald Trump was the duly elected President of the United States using well established Presidential election rules that have been in place for well over two-hundred years. This in itself should not have been an unprecedented traumatic political event but it was; after-all, how could the chosen one for the future of the Democratic Party that had already been coronated in the minds of the political left and their lapdog multi-media propaganda complex, aka the mainstream media complex, lose to a loose cannon, loud-mouthed, non-politician like Donald Trump. The political left in United States lost their collective minds and proceeded straight over the edge of reality into the abyss of hysteria and delusion.”

From that moment until today the political left, the left’s lapdog multimedia complex and the public at large via social media have been constantly attacking, smearing and obstructing President Trump, his administration, his policies, and anyone that supports him. As far as the political left is concerned, they have been predicting that the sky is falling and will crash down to earth if President Trump is allowed to continue to be President of the United States and our relationships with the world would be crushed and the world would fall apart. The overwhelming drive behind all these predictions seems to be outright hate for all things Trump and it’s turned these people into open bigots.

Bigot:  a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

Let me make myself perfect clear before some of you closed minded bigots go straight off the deep end of reality, I really don’t like Donald Trump the man (I don’t hate him) and there are plenty of valid complaints about President Trump. President Trump has terrible public communications skills, he has an unethical loose cannon mouth, he writes and shares questionable things on Twitter, he has an unpresidential and unethical tendency to punch down against those he opposes, he shares some of his random opinions off-the-cuff that turn out to be false, he appears to be unstable, ignorant, rash, uneducated, inarticulate, disorganized, crude, and an unethical narcissist; the list goes on and on. President Trump was a terrible candidate in 2016 and really shouldn’t have been the nominee of the GOP much less elected President. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump and I also didn’t vote for that other terrible candidate Hillary Clinton. In my opinion, the presidential election of 2016 was a lose-lose for the American people. What’s pretty clear from the election of President Trump is that a huge swath of the United States voting population was really sick and tired of what’s been happening in Washington DC and they wanted something entirely different and boy did they get something different.

Enough about President Trump the person; now let’s talk briefly about what’s happened in the last four years.

The last four years have been rather chaotic in Washington DC and across the United States. Here’s a very brief list of some of the major chaotic things that have happened…

  • There has been long investigations into accusations of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia that turned out to be false and fabricated in large part by efforts of the Clinton campaign. Trump was declared guilty in the court of public opinion.
  • There was an unconstitutional impeachment of the President of the United States by the House of Representatives over a phone call. Again; Trump was declared guilty in the court of public opinion.
  • There was an acquittal of the President or the United States in the impeachment trial held by the United States Senate. The House managers did not prove beyond any doubt that the President was guilty.
  • From the moment the election was done in 2016 there have been plans floated to get rid of President Trump. Again, the President was declared guilty in the court of public opinion.
  • There have been constant protests opposing President Trump accusing him of all sorts of terrible things that no one seems to be able to prove but yet he’s considered guilty in the court of public opinion.
  • There have been social protests that have devolved into open rioting that have included looting, property destruction, physical assaults, and death. All of the protests and riots declare others guilty of something evil and the court of public opinion just goes along with the unsupportable accusations.
  • Society seems to be leaning heavily towards guilty until proven innocent instead of innocent until proven guilty.
  • On top of all that there has been a pandemic that no one, not even medical professionals, knew what to do with when it made its way out of China. It’s my opinion that unethical people have chosen to politicize the pandemic for political reasons; the pandemic is not political, should not be political and if you’re voting based on the single issue of the pandemic then you’re an imbecile. We the People are the ones that are responsible for the spread of COVID-19, making this political and blaming a politician or multiple politicians for the the actions of We the People is utter nonsense and morally bankrupt.

There are more things to list but that’s sufficient to get my point across, chaos became a new norm in November 2016. After President Trump was elected in November 2016, the political left could have easily chosen to be the adult in the room for the next four years; however, the political left chose differently.

So it’s been chaotic, the political left is constantly attacking the President trying to find a way to get him out of office, the multi-media complex has become propaganda outlets for one side of the political aisle or the other with a huge distribution advantage for anti-Trump propaganda, a huge swath of the people of the United States have flushed their ethics and morals and have taken to the streets screaming all sorts of unsupportable nonsense, there have been riots in the streets, a deep division is growing in the United States between ideological extremes because of propaganda. If you really look at what’s been happening in the political world of Washington DC as far as getting things done and what’s happening across the world you could come to a startling conclusion as I have; regardless of all the chaos and apocalyptic predictions of the political left, things have been getting done in Washington DC and the world is a safer place than it was in 2016. That’s right folks; in spite of the terrible person that occupies the oval office at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave the world hasn’t come to an end.

How is this possible?

I can only come up with one logical reason for this…

Getting things done in Washington DC and across the world has little to do with the personality and character of the President of the United States.

What the last four years has taught me is that unlike what the anti-Trump propaganda has been portraying for four straight years, the personality and character of the President of the United States is damn near irrelevant to getting things done in the political bubble of Washington DC. According to all the anti-Trump propaganda, we are constantly being told that President Trump is a terrible person and he is destroying the United States but yet things are getting done in Washington DC and across the world. The political sides have worked together to accomplish getting things done for the American people. Bills are being proposed, bills are being passed, bills are being signed into law, Presidential orders are being executed, the United States is working with other countries to get better trade deals for the United States, the United States is working with other countries to strive for peace around the globe, etc, etc.

The constant in-your-face political propaganda tells us that we should be voting against one candidate or the other, I’m not buying it.

So if the personality and character of the President of the United States is damn near irrelevant to getting things done for the American people and building of international relationships then why the hell should we pay much attention to it. Policies are what we should be voting FOR instead of voting AGAINST what we are being told via propaganda and individually perceive as terrible people. Because of the terrible candidates that both major political parties have presented to the American people and the conclusion that the candidates personality and character is basically irrelevant, I made the choice in June of 2019 to vote 100% based on policy and completely ignore all the constant in-your-face anti-this or anti-that propaganda.

I’m voting FOR something not AGAINST someone; it’s liberating and I’m encouraging everyone to do the same.

I may never again vote for anything but policy.

Now we just have to figure out how to keep the hordes of stupid people at bay.

5 thoughts on “Why I’m Casting My Presidential Vote Based 100% On Policy and You Should Too!

  1. Obama was the flip side of the whole personality thing you write about.
    He was/is a smooth operator in public but also deeply corrupt and terribly divisive along with essentially working to subvert American culture and system of government. Plus, rather unimpressive off teleprompter.

    Trump is by far the better President and his accomplishments are impressive especially considering the relentless withering attacks, betrayals, and undermining, he endures from all angles and places not seen since Lincoln. Obama enjoyed the opposite milieu because of his melanin content and capitalized on that by working to weaken America foundationally and globally and he did. Btw; he and Michelle are now multi-millionaires in the country they hate and mistrust.

    Vote Trump/Pence or get outta town!

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  2. I am inextricably tied to Trump. My entire adult life I have advocated (to anyone who would listen) for the “citizen” servant envisioned in 1776. Someone with real life experience among the “hoi polloi”, Someone who could actually run the country efficiently, place the right people in the right positions and use their advice to make the right (not politically expedient) decisions. Someone who would cut taxes, shut down government waste, and actually work for us all. Someone who would drain the Washington “swamp”, and make our country GREAT again. I could NEVER have imagined the animalistic viciousness the swamp (and their right-hand weasels, the media) would respond with. NO ONE but Trump could have endured the last four years. The “mission” has been undertaken, under withering enemy fire, retreat is no longer an option. Do we fight on? Or lie down and die?

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      1. No need to do either if saner heads prevail; but, if the anti-Constitution extremists put you in a position of fight or flight then I choose Fight to Win, consequences be damned.

        Pray for peace but always be prepared for war.

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        1. Spoons,

          On policy, President Trump is arguably the most pro-American, pro-Constitution, pro-family, pro-faith, pro-freedom and Pro-Life president in all of American history. Not bad for a lapsed Presbyterian. You know, God doesn’t choose perfect men, there’s no such thing, …witness Noah, Abraham, David, Saul/Paul or Peter, .. however,. He chooses men who are perfect to do the job.

          We all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, (and chief of sinners though I be), if we confess our sin and strive to do better, there is redemption and forgivensss waiting for us all. We can be made whole through God’s grace and mercy.

          I don’t know if you want to burnish your anti-Trump bona fides about him being a bad candidate, but he was far from it. He clearly beat my prefered guys, …. Scott Walker, Ben Carson and then Ted Cruz like rented mules. No, Donald Trump was a very good candidate, a manly man, albeit, a very imperfect man.

          Tonight I’m praying for another President Trump victory. Yep, it was a miracle the last go-round.

          It will be again.


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