They’ve Had Four Years To Build Up Steam, Now What? [UPDATED]

There was a Presidential election freak-out, it happened in 2016.

On November 8, 2016 there was a unprecedented traumatic political event in the United States of America that was like no other political event in the history of our country, Hillary R. Clinton lost the Presidential election to Donald J. Trump. President Donald Trump was the duly elected President of the United States using well established Presidential election rules that have been in place for well over two-hundred years. This in itself should not have been an unprecedented traumatic political event but it was; after-all, how could the chosen one for the future of the Democratic Party that had already been coronated in the minds of the political left and their lapdog multi-media propaganda complex, aka the mainstream media complex, lose to a loose cannon, loud-mouthed, non-politician like Donald Trump. The political left in United States lost their collective minds and proceeded straight over the edge of reality into the abyss of hysteria and delusion.

Traumatic Political Stress Disorder (TPSD) is a mental disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to what they perceive as a traumatic political event.

What ensued after the freak-out and the onset of TPSD?

The political left has clearly been suffering from TPSD since November 2016. Their hysterical delusions have jumped from one accusation to another, all directed at President Trump. As their accusations were squashed one-by-one the political left started focusing their sights on anyone that supports the President of the United States accusing them of all kind of evil things with absolutely no factual evidence to support their accusations. To these delusional hysterical people an accusation is the only evidence needed to prove guilt. The hysterical political left had gone so far over the edge of reality that they were actively in direct opposition to some of the core provisions of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Since November 2016 the political left and their lapdog propaganda outlets have been hyping hysteria against all things Trump and anyone or anything that supports the President of the United States. They have been building up an incredible steam of opposition with only token venting’s of steam. The political left has very purposefully been inflaming the anti-Trump base so they’ll be completely off their rocker by the time the election gets here, well folks it’s a week away. The steam mound has been building up to a catastrophic release since November 2016. The political left has been inflaming their anti-Trump based and building the steam mound on a possible outcome that hasn’t happened. This is not rational thinking, it’s paranoia about something that hasn’t even happened and it’s completely consumed them.

  1. If President Trump gets reelected watch out, the steam will be released and the wacko base that’s been fired up to a feeding frenzy will let loose their irrational dogs of insurrection upon our society all at once.
  2. What’s going to happen to all that wacko base that’s been fired up to a feeding frenzy if Biden gets elected? The same thing. The political left will try to plug the steam leaks on a steam mound that’s ready to burst and it’s not going to work. There are consequences to the political left adding fuel to the fire under a nearly bursting mound of steam. The wackos in the political left will rationalize every unethical, illegal, and immoral thing they’ve done over the last four years as the ends justifies the means and use that to justify putting the wackos into overdrive and let loose their irrational social justice warriors on our society starting with major cities. The extremists in the political left are already are using Brown Shirt like fascists intimidation tactics to squash their opposition in small doses all over the USA, what happens when these Brown Shirt like intimidators get wind that their tactics are openly justified, openly rationalized and acceptable because they won using the tactics? The steam mound is going to burst open upon our society.

I honestly see no outcome to the 2020 election where the political left doesn’t cause a violent societal eruption.


Much of today’s political left, especially the extreme progressive wing, have gone completely off the rails of reality. The root cause of the chaotic things we’re seeing in the United States were NOT created by Donald Trump.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s hate.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s bigotry.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s irrational aversion to truth and facts.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-American and anti-Constitution ideological leanings.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s leaning towards totalitarianism.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s bastardization of words and symbols.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-history stance.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-social behaviors.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-respect, anti-logic, anti-critical thinking, and anti-civility.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s Pravda like propaganda media machine.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s “deep state”.

President Trump didn’t create these things, but his presence in the White House has inspired the left, especially the extreme progressives, to peel back their false facade, flush their ethics and reveal their true selves to the world.

We are in the midst of a major ideological social shift to the extreme political left. Progressives have shoved the political pendulum as hard as they can to the left and there’s no turning back for them, it’s all or nothing and it’s anti-American. It seems to me that modern progressives consider anything to the political right of their extreme ideological views to be evil; isn’t that what how radicals like ISIS thinks? These attitudes are a cancer eating away at the core structure of United States of America and at the root of it all is open bigotry, open hate, and the ends justify the means unethical rationalization. Moderate Liberals should take heed of Martin Niemöller’s words…

First they came for the Socialists,
and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists,

and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,

and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.

After President Trump was elected in November 2016, the political left could have easily chosen to be the adult in the room for the next four years; however, the political left chose differently.

What the last four years has taught me is that the personality and character of the person on the Oval Office is damn near irrelevant to getting things done in the political bubble of Washington DC. Trump is a terrible person to be in the Oval Office in all respects other than actually getting things done for the American people and striving for peace in the world. Regardless of President Trumps personality and character failures, he has accomplished a lot in the USA and around the world.


I choose to vote 100% for policy this election year and completely ignore all the propaganda that’s hitting the public from all sides telling us to vote against someone, I encourage everyone to do the same, it’s liberating.

The End? Maybe. I just don’t know anymore.

[UPDATE 02/18/2021] They had four years to build up all this steam against then President Trump, President Trump is no longer in office; so, who do you think they’re going to vent all that steam pressure at when they let loose the steam mound and allow it to burst in an societal eruption? Do you honestly think these cultish progressives/anarchist totalitarians will let loose on Democrats?

10 thoughts on “They’ve Had Four Years To Build Up Steam, Now What? [UPDATED]

  1. We pray for there to be swift justice for those who would burn and destroy. When the leftists have been faced with consequences, they run and hide.

    See what happened to those caught in Lancaster PA when the police arrested those causing the damage. No rioters the next night.

    Side note: Democrats control almost ALL of the places where the riots have caused substantial damage.

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  2. TPSD as defined by the GDSM (Gotchberg Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders):

    The dangerous, yet voluntary, immersion into a catatonic, apoplectic, pillow-biting, pants $#!tting, bed wetting, wind-sucking, chest palpitating, vital sign ramping, mouth-breathing, fist-pounding, foot stomping, safe-space seeking, triggering, weenie-whiny, simpering-whimpering, complete metaphysical, emotional, existential, psychological, philosophical, full-throated, freaking out, melting down, totally collapsing free-fall.

    Not an enviable state of affairs for those perilously close to the dark abyss to begin with, am I right?

    The Gotch

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  3. Steve,

    I agree with you. It is a scary thing to contemplate. Trump wins, and there is rioting in the streets or even worse, civil war. Biden wins, and there is our economy in the tank, massive illegal immigration, the loss of primarily our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights among other rights we have grown up with.

    God only knows how this will all turn out. At this point I can only pray to Him that the land that I love will always remain free. But I will fight and die to defend the freedoms we have.

    God have mercy on us all!

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  4. Batman will take another Mount St. Helens over the ongoing strategically planned violent subversion of the proglibots any day.
    Appreciate you taking the time/energy to create this.

    P.S. RESIST!!!

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  5. And here we are in the aftermath of the election; the stench of fraud still lingering in the air and the election outcome still uncertain. Now the “2” outcomes you outlined seem even more likely as the “steam” pressure will continue to build.

    Although I say the outcome is uncertain, it appears that Biden will surely be sworn in on inauguration day. With the mail in voting, even with fraudulent ballots, I see no way to separate those from the legitimate ballots. That is, unless the “fake” ballots have some identifying feature, like mass production where they are forensically identical.

    I can accept a Biden presidency but cannot accept this “taking names” of Trump supporters and workers, etc. What the hell is wrong with these people? Brainwashing comes to mind. You’ve covered these in previous posts and they’re all coming together now that describes our current reality. Not the virtual reality that most of these people live in now.

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    1. As I posted over on Ethics Alarms…

      I’ve been saying for a while that the political left has been in search of a way, any way, to create a constitutional crisis in the United States and the chaos created by this election because of mail in ballots that the Democrats pushed for and the random 11th hour rule election changes pushed by Democrats across the USA may have given them just what they wanted.

      It’s really clear to me that the political left wants a major fundamental change that leads away from provisions set forth in the United States Constitution and its Amendments, these rights are fine for anyone that thinks like they do but not for anyone who opposes them. The political left has already used their massive propaganda machine to brain washed a fair portion of our society with their politically correct social justice nonsense. They already have an “army” of willing participants to intimidate the population, attack those they oppose, and randomly destroy portions of cities to instill fear of their power throughout the United States; no bull shit people, this is exactly how the Nazi’s took over.

      If Biden is successful in being able to claim victory in this election and inaugurated as President of the United States watch the progression of the reactions in the streets and in the media; a Biden win will justify every one of their ends justifies the means tactics to get here and the totalitarian minded people empowered by a Biden Presidency will begin to push hard, much harder than before. Remember the irrational protesters and violent rioters across the USA have been openly calling for dead cops and an actual revolution and if we don’t give them what they want they’ll burn it all down. Does anyone honestly think these irrational and violent people are going to suddenly crawl back under their rocks if Biden is elected President?

      Only time will tell us what’s going to happen but if we learn from history it’s not so hard to predict that which is staring you in the face.

      If Biden is inaugurated in January and his administration doesn’t immediately give the wackos in our streets exactly what they’ve been screaming for, what do you think will happen to that group of wackos that bet their entire sociopolitical future on Biden? By the way this is almost a certainty if Biden gets inaugurated because it’s literally not within the power of the President of the United States to give the wackos in the streets what they’ve been screaming for without obliterating states rights and stomping the United States Constitution into the dirt.


        1. Biden/Harris are addressing the nation now; however, I’m not interested in listening. The election has been called for Biden and I doubt anything will change that fact. I think conservatives, right leaning moderates should just remain calm and prepare. There are reports of people dancing in the streets in some cities – it kind of makes me ill to think people would act this way, like an in your face attitude. We (most, not all) have lost all concept of civil behavior. These celebrations will most likely turn to riots.

          Heck, I hear fireworks somewhere near here. I asked my wife if she heard it and she said they’re probably celebrating Biden’s win. What, it’s no longer what is best for the country? Is it just a battle for power and we win you lose attitude, a sporting contest almost?

          I guess there may be investigations and recounts, but, I think it’s a done deal we’ll see Biden sworn in on Inauguration Day.

          I really don’t want to see Trump compete in 2024.


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