Fear Mongering Politicians

This is going to be a short example showing a serious problem with modern politics.

Here is President Barack Obama campaigning against Senator Ron Johnson in Wisconsin in October of 2022.

Here is Ron Johnson on Social Security in his own words…

It seems to me that politicians, like President Obama being used as a snarling political attack dog, spend their time extrapolating cherry picked statements to absurdity and outright lie about those they oppose so they can incite fear in the electorate. Is ginning up fear based on false propaganda and lies all these politicians have now, don’t they have “better” policies that they want to promote?

This is not just a problem with Democratic Party politicians, Republican politicians are doing similar things. Watch the political ads on TV, there’s fear mongering propaganda all over the place. How are the voters to know what to vote for when all we’re given are reasons to vote against. I try to tune out all the fear mongering propaganda and dig into what the politicians actually think about topics that I think are priorities but it’s getting more and more difficult to get this information.

When are all these politicians going to pull their heads out of their ass?

I am so very sick and tired of modern politics.

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