Pointedly Accurate Correlations

Here at Society’s Building Blocks I’ve tried to devote my blog to one reasonably consistent theme, with a few rare exceptions, and that theme is to critically think about the things that change society and ultimately shift culture. These things are literally the building blocks of the future around us in the United States of America.

Since I started this blog I’ve had a strong focus on a very troubling trend; what was once a cultish few hateful totalitarians across our free society has grown into a main-stream hateful totalitarian cultural shift that’s well out in the open and, from my point of view, I see this shift as an accelerating slide down a slippery slope into a very dark abyss. Talking about the totalitarianism shift I see has been a primary focus of mine. We are in the midst of an truly absurd full blown culture war in the United States and there are casualties, Liberty IS currently dying a slow death.

The state of being free within society from
oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on
one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.

The quality or state of being free.

Freedom from arbitrary or despotic control.

The positive enjoyment of various social, political,
or economic rights and privileges.

The power of choice.

Freedom from control, interference, obligation,
restriction, hampering conditions, etc.;
power or right of doing, thinking,
speaking, etc., according to choice.

The freedom to live as you wish or go where you want.

The concept of liberty first dies when a majority of society willingly sets it aside for the greater good and then businesses, authorities and bureaucracies finish it off with the dreaded death by a thousand cuts. The death of the Constitution will follow the death of Liberty.

Totalitarianism IS on the rise with tactics like Liberty for me but not for thee and the ends justifies the means being just a couple of the primary totalitarian tactics that have been fully exposed. The trend of the totalitarians tactics IS escalating in nature and I’m sure this is going to get worse. What I’m not sure about is if the overall trend towards totalitarianism can be stopped or reversed.

Now for the real guts of this post.

I recently read a profound comment posted by a regular commenter on Ethics Alarms that feeds directly into the theme of my blog to critically think about things that change society. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more pointedly accurate correlations between a very well known past totalitarian cultural shift and our ongoing modern totalitarian cultural shift.

There is plenty more in the comment and I encourage you to read it all (linked here) but here are the pointedly accurate correlations part of the comment. I separated the points so it’s a bit easier to read…

In Nazi Germany they talked about how the Jews had stabbed the fatherland in the back and made a deserved victory impossible. In woke America, they talk about systemic racism and how the whites have been successful only at the expense of the blacks.

In Nazi Germany they talked about ill-gotten Jewish wealth, in woke America they talk about white privilege.

In Nazi Germany they used the Bellamy salute, in woke America it’s the raised fist.

In Nazi Germany it was young men with short hair in brown shirts who did the dirty work. In wok America it’s scruffy skinny young men with ragged hair and black t-shirts who do the dirty work.

In Nazi Germany, if you voiced an objection, you were told to get out of the way but the future was coming and you were not part of it. In woke America, if you say you are getting uncomfortable with what you are seeing, they tell you that what you are seeing was meant to make fascists uncomfortable, ergo if it makes you uncomfortable you must be a fascist.

In Nazi Germany the rallying shout was “Heil Hitler!” In woke America the rallying slogan is “Black Lives Matter!” and no other slogan will do. If you will not say it or you dare ask questions about it, they wonder if you’re a racist and maybe you need to be looked at.

In Nazi Germany they reduced the power of the individual states and turned the place into a national rather than a federal state, with all police power resting with the central authority. In woke America they want to hire a de facto army of police agents for the federal government to mobilize against anyone and everyone they accuse of holding out on the government and to hobble those who disagree with the government as was already done in 2012.

In Nazi Germany, they plastered swastikas everywhere. In woke America they tear down any statue or Memorial that someone in the New order of, no matter how old, nor how relatively benign.

In Nazi Germany, they had the emergency services stand down while mob violence was directed against those out of favor. In woke America, governors and mayors told the emergency services to stand down while mobs of those they favored destroyed the property, the lives, and sometimes even the bodies of those they did not favor, sending the message that it was okay to do all these things.

In Nazi Germany they locked up the opposition after accusing them of starting a fire in the legislative building, then voted themselves ultimate power when there was no one to oppose that vote. We aren’t quite there yet, but when federal agents storm the home of the powerful opposition figure while the supporters of the current party and power dance with glee at the prospect of indictments, and they start seizing phones from members of the opposition party in the legislature, the prospect of locking up the opposition while amassing more power doesn’t seem so remote.

In Nazi Germany they reserved special hatred and extermination for Jews, but they also attempted to exterminate anyone else branded undesirable, this included the physically disabled, homosexuals, gypsies, Slavs, and generally anyone else that those in power decided did not meet there idea of what society should look like. In wok America, they are now starting to seriously talk about a future where the white race simply does not exist, where conservatives simply don’t exist where anyone who disagrees with wokeism simply doesn’t exist.


I’m absolutely sure that we could come up with more correlations but I think that’s enough to show the trend.

Even though the end results of our ongoing modern cultural shift towards totalitarianism are not yet known and we fully understand that correlation does not equal causation, the correlations between the very well known past totalitarian cultural shift that took place in 1930’s & 1940’s Germany and our modern totalitarian cultural shift here in the United States are absolutely undeniable and truly disturbing.

Remember I’ve written about the 21st century progressive Democrats’ four tenets of “truth”…

1. The Democrats are right.
2. Everyone else is wrong.
3. Wrong is evil.
4. Evil must be destroyed.

…that’s the dead end of the 21st century progressive Democrats’ ability to think critically.

When thinking back at how Germany slipped into the abyss of totalitarianism in the 1930’s and 1940’s, the underlying tenets that brainwashed Germans are basically the same as I wrote above and all you have to do is change the word Democrats to National Socialist German Workers’ Party aka Nazi’s. No people that’s NOT saying that Democrats are Nazi’s; however, what it IS showing is that the tactics of both and how they escalate their tactics are very, very similar so far.

Beware and be aware.

One thought on “Pointedly Accurate Correlations

  1. Steve O’s post, as an arguably brilliant EA participant noted, was EXCELLENT despite its troubling nature, and should earn him another COTD!

    Good job making it available to a wider audience.

    The Gotch

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