Will The USA Survive The 21st Century Cultural Shift?

Indifference is a cancer that eats away at individual ethics, morals and integrity and it will eventually eat away at the social, cultural and soul of the United States of America. Stop the indifference, get off your rear end and stand against the totalitarian horde or there will be no one left to speak for you!

Rittenhouse Case: Facts Are Irrelevant To Propagandists, Liars and Idiots!

It's really clear that information presented to people by the 21st century media in the USA is activist journalism that's terribly biased and rooted in ideology instead of being rooted in unbiased facts, this is pure propagnada presented by liars to unsuspecting idiots that swallow it whole and it's a clear and present danger to our culture, it's undermining the building blocks of our society.

Continuous Propaganda Morphs the Thinking of Society

Propaganda is the most manipulative form of public communication that exists, it morphs the thinking of those that consume it, it's fueled by implicit bias, it manipulates the masses both positively and negatively causing polarization of opposing viewpoints and, most importantly, it's distributed almost instantly via modern digital media which is the most consistent rapid disbursement platform to deliver propaganda that has ever existed.