Being Silenced By Unethical “Progressives” Is Becoming A Badge Of Honor

In keeping with the purpose of the Society’s Building Blocks blog, which is to “Critically Thinking About Things That Change Society”, I now present to you the transparently obvious toxic hypocrisy of progressives, who have become the activist mouthpieces of the political left, that is stabbing civility in the back and adding to the already deep divide which is destroying our society. I’m using a typical local outspoken progressive activist as a representative of the whole simply because what I see this progressive doing has become so typical of progressives across the board that it can’t be a coincidence, it appears to be a core to their ideological belief system.

Gregory Humphrey of Madison, Wisconsin and I have a online history, we’ve never officially met in person (after he posted a 1986 photo of him and Tony Earl I’m absolutely positive that we’ve crossed paths sometime back in those relative years, I never forget a face I just don’t usually remember where I’ve seen them). Back to that online history. A quick summary of that online history is that Humphrey writes something somewhere, like his public blog called Caffeinated Politics or his public Facebook profile or his public Twitter page, I comment on something he writes which sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree, he typically attacks me or misrepresents what I’ve written when we disagree, he selectively deletes some of my comments, and he eventually bans me so I can’t share my opinion on what he writes. That’s our online history in a nut shell.

Here are the facts as they happened.

On February 26 Humphrey posted three tweets, I commented on two of the tweets, see below:

After those comments to his tweets were there for less than a day, I found this when I went back to see if there had been any replies to my comments…

That’s the most recent banning from Humphrey on Twitter.

The Facebook banning of me took place due to the conversation in this thread from late May of 2020. I’m not sure how much of it is left after he banned me. The last I was able to check all the comments were still there except the comment below which he kept deleting every time I posted it and then he banned me. This is fully documented. Here is a PDF that contains the entire thing (full transparency), his Facebook post, all the related comments of the entire conversation minus the comment below that he deleted multiple times. Notice the part of the comment below where I quote him, this appears to be his basic reasoning for banning me on Facebook, “you will not be allowed to use my FB page to further the lies and distortions of the Trump White House by advocating in any way this wearing a mask is a matter of choice or freedom”

So that was the Facebook banning fiasco.

Then there was the banning from Humphrey’s blog, Caffeinated Politics, which is also fully documented. Here is a PDF that contains the entire thing (full transparency), his blog post, all the comments, the two comments of mine that were deleted after he banned me, and the subsequent email thread with Humphrey after I was banned that included his reasons for banning me.

Those are the facts as they happened.

I can’t help but wonder why Humphrey has such a big chip on his shoulder. He routinely writes things trying to show his tolerance for opposing opinions like “I have no problems with actual rebuttals” or “has nothing to do with differing politics or philosophies” or “differing on issues with a robust style is to be applauded” or “differences of opinion are perfectly fine” but then his actual actions of banning people, like me, for literally differing on issues with a robust style is the very definition of hypocrisy.

Humphrey can certainly talk-the-talk but he can’t walk-the-walk, which unfortunately has become very typical of most modern 21st century “progressives” (that’s an oxymoron, they’re actually regressives). Now don’t get me wrong, Humphrey’s blog, Facebook profile and Twitter page are all his and he can do whatever his little heart desires with them; however, when his words and his actions directly contradict each other and he goes out of his way to make up, what I see as, verifiable lies to silence those that provide robust differing opinions to things he writes, he undermines himself by showing off his hypocrisy, double standards and lack of integrity for all to see and these behaviors/actions are a direct reflection of his character, “or lack there of”.

Yes, I pick on Gregory Humphrey once in a while, he makes himself a target with some of the absurd nonsense he writes; therefore, he’s low hanging fruit. He’s made himself a kind of modern public figure and a target by virtue of his public blog and unfortunately, for him, he really is the epitome of the unethical progressive behaviors that I see constantly across the internet and get from the 21st century activist media that’s destroying the fourth estate.

Finally; I’ve been banned from numerous “progressive’s” blogs, blocked from “progressive’s” Facebook profiles (even people who were real world friends for many years), and now blocked from “progressive’s” Twitter accounts too. It’s become like a rhetorical badge of honor that “progressives” ban me, it seems like they simply don’t have the debating tools in their rhetorical tool box to go toe-to-toe in debate with me, so they silence me, I see it as a testament of my debating skills and rhetorical truth. It’s really sad that far too many “progressives” are fact and truth deficient, bastardize what others write then use it to attack them, lack rhetorical fortitude, lack integrity and are intellectual cowards. I’ve read the toxic rhetoric coming from progressives all over the internet in comment threads, blog posts, and activist journalists and there is a definite pattern that has emerged, it seems that false ad hominems is the only real rhetorical tool left in their tool box, if they can’t effective support their rhetoric, they simply attack the messenger in and effort to silence the messenger or deflect to another topic. The hive-minded, cult-like, uncivil, anti-American cancel culture behaviors of progressives across the board are very disturbing, it seems like common sense, critical thinking, logic and Liberty really are completely dead to them. I’m not sure our culture can survive this.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Gregory Humphrey is welcome to comment on my blog as long as he follows my Comment Policies. Humphrey (or anyone else) can comment here using his real name, or his not so private current psydonyme (he’s made no real effort to keep his dekerivers psydonyme secret, he basically advertises it on his blog as his blog address and advertises his twitter page on his blog @dekeriverscp), or he can make up a brand new psydonyme for anonymity. Sure I’m a hard man but I’m open to differing opinions and debating difficult topics with just about anyone, except internet trolls, and I think I’ve proven that right here on my blog and in commentary else where on the internet.

6 thoughts on “Being Silenced By Unethical “Progressives” Is Becoming A Badge Of Honor

  1. Great points about this guy specifically and the left generally. It is very rare to find a woke progressive willing (or able) to logically defend their positions; indeed it is their side that reflexively spews agreed-upon “talking points” detached from any deep understanding, fact or reason.
    At last count, I have been been sentenced to Facebook Jail fourteen times due to complaints from leftists I attempted to engage in debate. I have largely abandoned the practice, choosing not to “cast my pearls before swine” as it were. I still monitor a few progressive pages, blogs and sites, just to stay abreast of what they are up to.
    I was recently blocked by an extended family member (and recent university graduate) whose refutation of my arguments against reparations consisted of “so says the wise Boomer.” This is the extent of their debating skills, apparently. Keep up the good work!

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    1. I still monitor a few progressive pages, blogs and sites, just to stay abreast of what they are up to.

      Keep you friends close, and your progressives even closer…

      The Gotch


    2. That extended family member needs to be informed that “so says the wise Boomer” isn’t an argument, it’s pure unadulterated ad hominem, it’s unethical and frankly it’s about as sophomorically immature as it gets.

      It’s truly sad how hive-minded progressives have brainwashed a huge swath of the gullible population and turned them into an ignorant religious-like cult.

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  2. DISCLOSURE: The Gotch has never blocked anyone, nor will he.

    Blocking someone is fine, it’s très gutless and says FAR more about the blocker than the blocked, but it’s fine.

    What takes it up (down?) another notch is feeling compelled to announce it to the world.

    Can’t/won’t engage? Great, your choice; just do it without all the Look At Me fanfare, which does little more than demonstrate a comically pathetic neediness.

    The Gotch

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