Faux Racism Accusations & Transparent Racism Double Standards


I am 100% convinced that there must be no real White on Black or systemic anti-Black racism left in the United States of America and I base that on the actions of the purveyors of modern day race based social justice activism and the self-described “woke” warriors against racism (you know immoral race baiters) that are literally bastardizing the definition of words like racism and racist so they can make up whatever they want to tar those that oppose their anti-white bigotry and anti-white racism. Let’s face it folks, why would they be bastardizing the meaning of things and making up false narratives to brainwash the public if there was truly loads and loads of evidence to support their claims. These people are liars!

If you think like this lady or this guy or this lady or this lady or this guy or even this guy then YOU are the race related problem in the United States not the ones you’re falsely tarring as racists. Race baiters are way out in La-La Land and need to take a stroll back to reality.

There are people out there right now professing that that the phrase “it’s ok to be white” is a racist dog whistle and an attempt at limiting their responsibility for racism, this is a bald-faced lie and anyone that writes or says it is a liar or they’re dumb as a box-o-rocks. If the statement “it’s ok to be white” is a racist dog whistle then the statement “black lives matter” is exactly the same kind of racist dog whistle; I accept absolutely no double standard on this point. Don’t rationalize it, the statements are not, I repeat NOT, racist statements or racist dog whistles, period, end of argument. When anti-white bigots/racists have to make up false narratives to tar those that oppose their anti-white bigotry/racism then they’re morally bankrupt and have already lost their arguments. Here’s what I say to the immoral race baiters falsely accusing others of racism…

Fuck You & Fuck Your Faux Racism Accusations

The in-your-face double standards used by race based social justice and the self-described “woke” warriors against racism are flagrant and immoral. For example; Gregory Humphrey over at Caffeinated Politics recently posted in his blog post about Scott Adams, the author of the Dilbert cartoon, being canceled, “Adams, who is white, repeatedly referred to people who are Black as members of a “hate group” or a “racist hate group” and said he would no longer “help Black Americans.”” and Humphrey immediately tarred Adams as a racist because of these opinions, Humphrey is not the only liar out there throwing shit filled lies on the walls to see what sticks. Humphrey is also parroting bald-faced extrapolated lies, in that blog I linked to, that Kyle Rittenhouse and Donald Trump are racists. I know, I know…

Here’s the problem that’s ignored by race baiters slinging their lies; the black community and those directly supporting it have been repeatedly referring to people who are White as members of hate groups, white supremacists, racist hate groups, all whites are racists, and they engage in actual actions creating organizations and groups in predominately black communities that ONLY help Black people – that last one is actual prejudicial and racism where what Adams said is not. What these black people are doing is somehow justified as not being racist (because, insert lots of unethical rationalizations here) but these pure race based (racist) initiatives are being created all over the USA. Why is it that damn near everything the Black community says and does is pure as the driven snow and not racism and damn near everything the White community says and does is tarred as evil racism and must be canceled? It seems to me that there actually is racism oozing from the Black community and they’re trying to justify their main-stream anti-White hate and racism with gaslighting and psychological projection.

Seriously people, the way the irrational social justice “woke” crowd has bastardized what racism means in the 21st century they’re basically saying that it’s “anything they say it is”; therefore, anyone can easily be tarred as a bigoted racist using their anything is racism standards and you’re supposed to swallow it like a good sheeple, conform and grovel. These people seem to think that anything that’s stated or written about race that offends, or may offend, a snowflaking black person is racism, this is false! All things that are racist are certainly offensive but not all things that are offensive are racism. The Scott Adams debacle, linked to above, is a perfect example where race baiting liars have gone over the edge of reality and are making claims that what Adams said is racism, they’re wrong both literally and morally, it’s simply offensive to some. Get your heads unburied from your “woke” ass.

Fuck your racism non-logic and double standards…

White Lives Matter!

Black Lives Matter!

Brown Lives Matter!

All Lives Matter!

It’s OK To Be White!

It’s OK To Be Black!

It’s OK To Be Brown!

Etc, Etc…

I’m sure there will be a few off-the-wall lunatics that will go out of their way to try and tar me as a racist because of this post, but I completely reject their label. I’ve never owned a slave, my family has never owned slaves, my direct ancestors have never owned slaves, I don’t engage in racist activities, I’m not a racist, I’m not a race bigot, I oppose racism of all kinds, I oppose race bigotry of all kinds, and I also oppose falsely accusing some one of racism when they’re not exhibiting racist behaviors, aka race baiting, which is morally bankrupt.

How can the public not see the in-your-face double standards and non-logic regarding racism that’s being rammed down the throats of our society all for the purpose of controlling what people say and do? When someone tars someone as being a racist have the moral integrity to stand up for morality and yell right in their pompous face…


I bet you a nice piece of pie at Perkins that the stammering accusatory fools can’t actually do it.

2 thoughts on “Faux Racism Accusations & Transparent Racism Double Standards

  1. Agreed, especially this part: “If you think like this lady or this guy or this lady or this lady or this guy or even this guy then YOU are the race related problem in the United States not the ones you’re falsely tarring as racists.”

    IMO, people who claim Trump is racist are either pure partisan or stupid. Trump may be a lot of things but racist isn’t one of them.

    Humphrey strikes me as someone who’s in love with his own ideas. I don’t take him seriously.

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