Global Disinformation Index

Here’s what the Democratic Party’s tentacle network of totalitarian surrogates has created, a handy little disinformation ranking list to steer the sheeple in the public away from “risky sites” that have the audacity to exercise their 1st Amendment rights and spread what they deem as “disinformation” (FYI; disinformation is considered anything that doesn’t aligned with the totalitarian hive-mind).

This is transparently Orwellian. The problem with the listing is it’s tipped completely on it’s proverbial head, it’s a bald-faced lie! The sites listed as having the least risk of promoting disinformation are literally the sites that intentionally promote disinformation specifically to support one side of the political aisle (Democrats) and intentionally demonize the opposing side of the political aisle (Republicans) and they’ve been doing it for at least 6+ years straight. This is pure psychological projection, it’s pure propaganda that’s being put out there to intentionally gaslight the public and smear those that oppose the current Democratic Party’s obvious shift away from the United States Constitution and the core principles that the United States of America was built upon.

If there are those out there that are still resisting the belief that we’re heading into the dark abyss of a pure totalitarian government they should be able to start connecting the dots by now unless they’re complete idiots, completely apathetic, or propaganda apologist for the totalitarian shift.

This is one of those moments that should ring the bells of every Liberty and freedom minded American citizen. If you have any inclination towards thinking critically about things that can change our society, this kind of pure psychological projection propaganda coming from one side of the political aisle trying to gaslight the public is something that is intentionally undermining the building blocks of our society and trying to morph our core culture.

Totalitarian Hive-Mind Reeducation Chambers

In 2023, in the United States of America, it now appears that you are either a true believer and supporter of the cult-like social justice totalitarian hive mind or you’re the evil that’s distributing “disinformation”.

It’s come down to this; our culture is under attack from every possible angle and either you choose to actively oppose this cultural shift towards totalitarianism or you become a hive-minded cult-like sheeple drone, lose your Liberty and follow your fellow drones off the proverbial cliff into a totalitarian oblivion.

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