Rep. Adam Schiff: Immoral Propaganda Liar

“The political left has shown its pattern of propaganda lies within their narratives so many times since 2016 that it’s beyond me why anyone would blindly accept any narrative that the political left and their lapdog media actively push?”

Steve Witherspoon

We have another outstanding example to toss on top of the already damning pile of immoral lies from just this one man.

“Petty political payback”


This man simply cannot stop lying to the people of the United States of America and he does so with utter impunity and complete disregard for anything that remotely resembles integrity. This has not been a secret, it’s widely known, because it has been stated by the Speaker of the House Rep. Kevin McCarthy multiple times prior to him becoming the Speaker of the House, he has been 100% clear and consistent and has used absolutely no uncertain terms as to why Rep. Schiff and Rep. Swalwell were being removed from the Intelligence Committee. Here it is again in a heated exchange with a reporter…

Rep. Adam Schiff is an immoral propaganda liar.

Rep. Schiff is a bald-faced liar and political hack that knowingly abused his position on the Intelligence Committee for purely partisan political purposes. Rep. Swalwell’s known personal relationship with a Chinese spy is signature significant and it disqualifies him from sitting on any committee that deals with anything that is regarded as secret, the man can’t get a security clearance in the private business world outside of Congress, even the military wouldn’t give him a security clearance because the man has a known history of being compromised by foreign spies. These issues that Rep. McCarthy stated have been raised over and over again by Republicans and summarily dismissed by the previous Speaker of the House. It is signature significant that the previous Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, allowed these two people to have and retain positions on the House Intelligence Committee.

Signature significance posits that a single act can be so remarkable that it has predictive and analytical value, and should not be dismissed as statistically insignificant. (Source)

Rep. Schiff is doing the same thing he’s been doing since 2016, he’s fabricating another false propaganda narrative, a lie, to feed to what he apparently sees as sheeple and the political left’s lapdog mainstream media complex (Pravda like) will willingly parrot his known lies.

FYI; here are my replies, in reverse chronological order, to the tweet posted by Rep Adam Schiff…

There are many thousands of replies to Rep. Schiff’s tweet if you’d like to read more of them.

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