Could this be Evidence of Systemic Racism? [Added Poll]

This is short and simple.

Five Memphis Police Officers were just charged with murdering Tyre Nichols, the beating that the victim received was said to be akin to “Human Piñata”. Tyre Nichols was a black man, the five police officers are black men.

I don’t know all the circumstances surrounding this death yet, but my question is this, based on the race of all those involved could this particular incident be used as plausible evidence that systemic racism exists in the Memphis Police Department? Pay close attention to the actual wording of the question.

If you don’t see the poll below use this link:

4 thoughts on “Could this be Evidence of Systemic Racism? [Added Poll]

  1. It’s hard to fathom the wide-spread Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests which would have resulted had these former officers been Melanin Deficient.

    The Gotch


      1. Any number of despicable Lefty black AND white media types issuing idiotic screeds along the lines of It was only a matter of time, This is Payback, Now you know how it feels, etc.

        Possibly some of the Proud Boys groups…um…registering their discontent, all of which would positively pale in comparison to the Floyd/Blake/Brown/Gray/(locally) Devonere Johnson freak outs.


        The Gotch

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