Typical Reaction: Hateful & Bigoted

It’s truly terrible, unnecessary, and tragic that there are violent criminally minded individuals out there hell bent on inflicting their violent criminal activity upon others, these violent individuals certainly have serious morality problems and very likely some mental problems. Nothing can morally justify illegal and immoral violent criminal actions, period.

That said; there is also nothing that morally justifies the anti-gun advocates for their hateful rants and associated propaganda (which I’ve written about a few times) demonizing and blaming all guns and all gun owners for the actions of a tiny, better yet, miniscule number of violent criminally minded murderers. The reactions of anti-gun advocates is pure emotional hysteria. You can quote me on this…

“The number of firearms owned by people in the United States of America that are criminally misused is statistically indistinguishable from zero.

Steve Witherspoon

I challenge any anti-gun advocate willing to accept the challenge to present evidence that proves otherwise.

Think about my quote for a minute, I mean really think about it.

There’s also an argument out there that says something to the effect of…

As the number of our population increases so does the number of criminals, including violent criminals, but the percentage of the overall population that chooses a life of crime doesn’t fluctuate very much. The reason we think there is more crime is that it’s true and there is more national media coverage.

…that argument may hold some water statistically but that relative fact does nothing to curb the shock that sets in after a violent criminal chooses to take a firearm and murder multiple people. The action of the violent criminal triggers emotional hysteria from politicians, pundits, media, bloggers and average citizens who are part of a loosely organized anti-gun cult and they flush any logic and critical thinking they once had down the porcelain God and attack a specific inanimate object and then demonize anyone that has that specific object as being immoral, etc. Then they regurgitate things like “we have to do something” or the ever popular unethical rationalization “if it saves just one life” (which is #58A and titled “The Utilitarian Cheat or ‘If it saves just one life'” on this listing of Unethical Rationalizations and Misconceptions over at Ethics Alarms) to rationalize their hateful bigotry and anti-constitutional political ideology.

There is a recent hateful screed over at Caffeinated Politics titled 24th Day of 2023, 39 Mass Shootings, 69 Dead where the Madison, Wisconsin blogger Gregory Humphrey proceeds to demonize all gun owners. The blogger at Caffeinated Politics and I have a history, he selectively moderates my comments and, with very rare exceptions, won’t allow my comments to be posted. That doesn’t mean that I don’t try to reply once in a while and this was one of the times that I tried, here is my reply (that Humphrey didn’t post) to the hateful screed I linked to above….

I use Humphrey’s regular anti-gun blog posts as examples because he seems to be a quintessential example of the hysteria I referenced above. Humphrey routinely parrots other irrational anti-gun advocates when he’s written his emotional anti-gun rants. He has written these kinds of emotional, hateful and bigoted things about gun owners and 2nd Amendment advocates in the past; they are severely uneducated rubes, clueless, knuckle-draggers, amoral, soulless, unconscionable clowns, have dwarfed reasoning, and insane. Using the standard fare anti-gun tactic correlation equals causation style of argumentation, Humphrey has implied in one of his anti-gun screeds that the 2nd Amendment was born out of southern white supremacy, yup he seems thinks that the 2nd Amendment is racist. Humphrey also calls the NRA the “most dangerous lobbying group in America” that regurgitates vile trite crap and factless talking points. Really? It’s really interesting that anti-gun advocates, like Humphrey, continue to spout that 2nd Amendment advocates have “factless talking points” while they completely ignore the irrefutable facts that 2nd Amendment advocates are presenting. It seems to me that the anti-gun advocates argue with hysterically emotional propaganda and 2nd Amendment advocates argue with actual facts; a perfect example of this is the irrefutable argument that a firearm is completely useless without a human being to wield it and yet these anti-gun advocates continue to projectile vomit their irrational response to statements similar to “guns don’t kill, people kill” with their pure emotional claptrap like this one from Humphrey, “The bullshit response of ‘guns don’t kill, people kill’ gags the nation like rotten eggs left in a car in mid-July. Only the most severely uneducated rube or overly blind partisan would ever make such a claim.” Yup folks that’s what an outspoken anti-gun advocate says about an actual irrefutable fact that they cannot deny, they attack the messengers which is intellectual cowardice and immoral.

Here are a couple of facts: the NRA (National Rifle Association) is a 2nd Amendment lobbying advocacy group much like the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) which has historically been an lobbying advocacy group for the 1st Amendment.

There is no evil with these groups, just advocacy for a purpose, but people like Humphrey continue their irrational assault on the NRA 2nd Amendment advocacy group demonizing them every chance they can because they don’t like the fact that people have guns and the NRA strives to protect that individual right. Until the nation turns its eyes away from the Constitution permanently the 2nd Amendment is here to stay so get over it and try to address and fix the real problem which is violent criminal behavior.

Violent crime is a very serious problem and it seems to be growing in frequency, but punishing law abiding non-criminal citizens by either stripping or limiting their individual Constitutional right due to the illegal actions of criminals (that’s what anti-gun advocates are advocating for) is not only illogical and lacking any critical thinking but it’s wildly immoral to the point of being pure evil, which is defined as profoundly immoral and wicked. “We have to do something” is not a valid argument to start squashing an individual right that is specifically enumerated and protected in the Constitution.

Benjamin Franklin, as I quoted above, was absolutely correct and anti-gun advocates won’t fully understand that until Liberty is long gone.

3 thoughts on “Typical Reaction: Hateful & Bigoted

  1. Good smackdown Steve. Greg is frightened of you.

    In all fairness though, Humphrey is a weakling so I give him credit for stepping outside his safe space unarmed. Now if he could just muster the courage to engage you intellectually.


    1. Batman wrote, “Good smackdown Steve.”


      Batman wrote, “Greg is frightened of you.”

      Frightened? I’m not so sure that’s supported by facts but you’re welcome to your opinion on that.

      Batman wrote, “Humphrey is a weakling…”

      Weakling? I’m not sure how you derived that one.

      Batman wrote, “Now if he could just muster the courage to engage you intellectually.”

      It’s not likely to happen. I’m convinced by his words and actions that he can’t effectively engage me so he makes choices so he doesn’t feel he needs to. He’s free to make his own choices but I think we’re intelligent enough to extrapolate what he’s avoiding…

      Let’s face it, intentionally avoiding kernongdefluggle situations is not necessarily a bad thing for self esteem.

      “Character is not developed and/or projected to others by the challenges we face in life but by how we choose to react to or face those challenges.”


  2. It seems to me that too many of the anti-gun activists think a bit like the writers of the Bugs Bunny psychological documentary episode called “Bugs’ Bonnets” where simply changing the hat of the person entirely changes the attitude and morals of the person. Here are a couple of segments of that episode…

    So if we extrapolate what we’ve learned from that psychological documentary, then putting a firearm in the hands of a human being instantly turns them into a murderer, period, end of argument. The same kind of thing can be said of lots of things; like, putting someone behind the wheel of a car instantly makes them a race car driver, or putting on Air Jordon tennis shoes makes the wearer a professional basketball player, or how about being elected to public office makes you smarter than everyone else, etc. I’m sure you all can think of a few more examples.


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