Fear Is A Hammer & We’re Nails

The hysterical public mindset in the United States is across-the-board and created by decades of wide-spread apocalyptic propaganda that’s been force fed to the public and slowly brainwashed the masses.

Really think about what that’s saying for a minute…

Apocalyptic propaganda has infected almost every aspect of our society and culture right down to the labeling of consumer products and people questioning the words that come out of their mouths so we don’t offend psychological snowflakes, all this propaganda is destroying the foundations of the culture that the United States of America is built upon. Apocalyptic styled propaganda has been intentionally dumped in our faces for decades by activists that have corrupted a willfully unethical media that seems hell bent on creating more and more hysteria, which in turn helps them sell more of their product and helps to push a wide-spread cultural shift agenda.

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Malcolm X

Here is a brief listing of just some of the major topics (in no particular order) where apocalyptic propaganda has been used to manipulate the public over the past few decades:

  1. Climate Change
  2. COVID
  3. Firearms
  4. Police
  5. Racism
  6. Gender
  7. Abortion
  8. Free Speech
  9. Equality
  10. Equity
  11. Justice
  12. History
  13. Marriage
  14. Education
  15. Individualism
  16. Religion
  17. Parental Rights
  18. Republicans
  19. Election Integrity
  20. Status Quo

I’m sure you can think of more, maybe a lot more.

That list can be further broken down into subcategories showing how apocalyptic propaganda has been used to shift and/or control the thinking and actions of the masses right down to the absurdity of companies feeling they have to virtue signal to the public and change product names and labeling on grocery store shelves to stave off the immature cancel culture, to people feeling they have to self-censor words out of their vocabulary so they don’t risk the irrational horde of social justice warriors canceling them because they offended a psychological snowflake.

Do you think I’m a bit off the rails of reality? Well how about the company Aunt Jemima that has sold pancake mix and syrup for over 132 years and they changed their name to Pearl Milling Company and removed the face of Aunt Jemima from their labels, the Land O Lakes butter company changed their product label after 100 years removing the image of the Native American woman and DC Comics changing the motto for the fictional character Superman from “truth, justice, and the American way” to “truth, justice and a better tomorrow”? Nope you can’t say anything about the “American way” anymore and you certainly can’t have the image of a black woman or a Native American on a product label anymore. Do you think those companies would have done any of those things without the social justice propaganda infecting our society? These companies are trying to preempt the 21st century’s immature cancel culture from attacking them because they “might” offend some psychological snowflake that’s snowflaking hard. Similarly; how may of you would tell someone that’s using the word nigger, “Hey, it’s inappropriate for you to use the word nigger”, if you were to do that you too can get canceled for using the word regardless of your context. Make sure you don’t read anything aloud that contains offensive word(s) because you will be blamed and canceled. The University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI removed a 42-ton glacial boulder formerly known as Chamberlin Rock in August of 2021 because someone in the 1920’s, a 100 years ago, used a racial slur to describe the rock; yes that’s right folks, they removed a rock that has probably been sitting right there in that very spot for 4.5 billion years because an ignorant fool in the 1920’s used a racial slur to describe the rock. Those are just a few examples of the chaotic absurdities that are happening across the nation. There are abounding hysterical absurdities happening to pander to social justice snowflakes that are snowflaking hard.

Where politics, society and culture is concerned, fear is a hammer and we’re nails.

It’s time to face the facts staring us in the face, our entire culture is under assault and fear has taken hold of our society. Fear of all those things listed above being changed and fear of them not being changed. There’s fear of an onslaught of ignorant totalitarian minded, uncivil, unlawful, and frankly a violent horde of social justice warriors wanting to force changes in all those things listed above and the fear that those social justice warriors have that society won’t allow them to change those things. There’s a fear that our law enforcement is unwilling, or being unfunded, or ineffective at handling the horde of social justice warriors and criminals and there’s fear that the police are going to shoot them dead. There is fear of a revolving door in our justice system that’s allowing criminals to repeatedly break laws without any or effective consequences and there’s fear that the justice system will railroad innocent people into prison. There is fear that the cultural status quo is being undermined and there’s fear that the things that are considered wrong with the status quo can’t be changed. There is fear that our freedom of speech is being stripped from our cultural roots and there’s fear that opposing opinions will be heard. There’s fear that our public education system has become indoctrination camps and fear that our educational system isn’t allowed to indoctrinate. There’s fear that our individualism is being suppressed in favor of social hive-mindedness and fear that individualism is suppressing people. There’s fear that we will be persecuted for having opposing opinions and fear that others actually have opposing opinions. There’s fear that the move towards Marxist like “equity” will distribute earned wealth and fear that the poor are being used by the rich. There’s fear that elections are being rigged and there’s fear that votes are being suppressed. There’s fear that the federal government wants to control the public and fear that the public won’t let the federal government control the public. It really doesn’t matter one bit if these fears are supported or not, the fear exists and the results of that fear has caused a huge cross section of citizens over the last few years to do things that they might never have done twenty years ago, arm themselves with firearms. Some have done this because they’ve realized that law enforcement cannot protect the public or it’s the job of the individual to protect themself and their family or they want to stock up before the emotional troglodyte anti-gun activists get their way and ban, ban, ban. The applications for concealed carry firearms has shot through the roof across the USA because people fear that the police will not be there to protect them. The culmination of all this fear pulls a new unfamiliar dark veil of hysteria across our entire society.

What can we do to change all this, I’m not really sure. When fear sets in across a society, people are spending more time looking over their shoulder at what’s creeping up on them instead of planning for a positive future or they’re simply planning their future built upon their fears. When the population is in fear and “fighting” to maintain the basics of freedom and a cultural status quo in a society that seems to be teetering on the verge of total chaos it’s really hard to look forward and we become quite stagnant, isolated and migrating towards being tribalized with like minded people. This is true for all people.

If you want to control a society and get them to willingly give up their freedoms, then you must do it with fear.

Apocalyptic fear is already in place in the United States.

Politicians should shake in fear when/if they corner a freedom & liberty minded public.

Fear Will Dramatically Change Our Society!

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