Episode V: Absurdity In The 21st Century Has Somehow Become “Normal”? e.g. Mass Shooting Hysteria

Wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.

I think there is one very significant thing that can be said about the complete lack of common sense, logic and critical thinking across the United States and that very significant thing is absurdity abounds across the United States of America.

In this episode I’ll talk about the absurdity of the blind illogical hysteria we face from anti 2nd Amendment advocates every time there is an irrational, immoral and tragic mass shooting.

As usual, after the recent mass shooting in Highland Park, IL the ignorant hive-minded illiberal sheeple are resorting to pure “weapon of war” hysteria as their only real “argument” to ban AR15’s. These people refer to those that support the 2nd Amendment as “bat-crap crazy” or “knuckledraggers”. These anti 2nd Amendment extremists claim that “the deadly weapon has no valid recreational use. Period.” and “reasonable people know there is no reason under the sun as to why this weapon is allowed for sale to the general public”; therefore, it seems to me that they believe that anyone that thinks there is a reason to have one of these firearms is an unreasonable bat-crap crazy knuckledragger and as such should not be allowed to have any firearms. I’ve heard similar anti 2nd Amendment extremists openly say/write that anyone that would like to have an AR15 is mentally unstable. They’re engaging in purely irrational bigotry based persecution.

These people continue to completely ignore the statistical facts that the percentage of people that engage in mass shooting or firearm violence is a miniscule segment of an otherwise law abiding group of firearm owners and they trot out and spew the same lies to the public as they’ve been doing for decades. In fact the percentage of actual firearms being used in criminal behavior is so low (3 to 4 decimal point percentage) that in comparison to the number of firearms out there it’s effectively rounded to a percentage of zero making the firearm owners that are responsible and non-criminal as a figure that is effectively rounded to 100%. The statistics prove the hysteria FALSE!

Here’s what I say to those that want to limit or strip my 2nd Amendment rights based on the illegal use of 0.000148% of firearms

It is absolutely absurd that these anti 2nd Amendment extremists continue to ignore the statistics that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the vast, Vast, VAST majority of firearm owners across the United States, including those evil AR owners, are actually responsible adults that don’t go out and shoot people dead just because they can. It’s as if these delusional, yes they’re delusional, anti 2nd Amendment extremists think that simply putting an AR in the hands of any human being makes that human being an insane murderer.

Delusional: adjective, characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument.

Featured Photo: Yes I know that’s not an AR15, it’s a customized M1A SOCOM 16 and that’s a really scary looking rifle too.

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