Memes: An Ethical Slippery Slope Feeding Division

Go to your social media accounts and check the memes you’ve shared over the last few years, seriously, go check and then answer (to yourself) the following questions.

• What were the memes you shared?
• Why did you share them?
• Were they “funny”?
• Did they make fun of someone, some group, etc?
• Did they send some kind of political message?
• Was the overall messaging positive or negative?
• Was the messaging propaganda?

I went back and here are a few of the memes that I created for my Facebook and my blog…

Here are a few more memes that I’ve found (or created) to convey a particular message…

Don’t be part of an irrational hive mind.
The absurdity of pure advocacy journalism.
Bigotry & Hate
Pure correlation equals causation due to the similarities of ignorant argumentation.
Showing the absurd non-logical “But he only had a knife!” smear of police officers by irrational social justice warrior advocates.
(I created this one)
Unethical Media Hype.
Hate filled partisan political propaganda.
Irrational partisan political propaganda.
Pure partisan hate!
Pure partisan propaganda lies!
Indoctrinated non-logic & pure stupidity of irrational social justice warriors.
(I created this one)
Pure anti-cultural divisional propaganda.
(I created this one)
Immoral and unsupportable correlation equals causation propaganda.
The Lies Hidden Within Advocacy Journalism
What It’s Like To Share Opinions In The 21st Century

I’ll add more “interesting” memes in the section above if I come across them.

And a couple of my all time favorites that I found somewhere on line…

Notice the varying messaging contained within all the memes above. When I looked up the definition of meme I found that the definitions just didn’t seem to do justice the word, sure they defined how a meme is spread but they did not explain their intent or how they are being used to psychologically manipulate, so I wrote a new definition that addressed the intent.

Meme: noun
In-Your-face gaslighting message
contained in a picture with text
that’s capable of changing
the thoughts, habits, perceptions
and viewpoints of non-critically thinking people

Gaslighting: verb
Manipulate by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

I decided to get creative. Here are a couple of memes I created about the chemical compound Dihydrogen Monoxide to make a point about how a truth that’s portrayed in a meme can be intentionally twisted into an absolute falsity or conspiracy theories with the use of manipulative innuendo…

Sure these Dihydrogen Monoxide, a.k.a. H2O, a.k.a. water, memes that I created are humorous in their own way and they’re even somewhat truthful; however, these examples give us an insight into how some memes are, by design, an intentional method to infiltrate the mind with fear and manipulate the reader into ignoring logic, reason and critical thinking and simply respond in an emotional manner. Some memes are straight up political propaganda used to manipulate political opinions; incidentally, this is exactly what propaganda and advocacy journalism does all the time and why it is destroying the Fourth Estate but the media is doing it on a much larger scale and helping to politically, socially and culturally divide the United States and it is very intentional.

What’s my point?

My point is that memes can be useful tools to convey a piece of an overall message; however, many memes when used alone are pure psychological manipulation or gaslighting propaganda. The use of memes is a slippery slope and some critical thinking should be applied before their usage. Don’t fall into the short blurb Twitter mentality where you flush your ethics and morals down the shitter so you can convey some “humorous” political messaging that’s hateful, bigoted and manipulative. When you join in propaganda messaging you become part of the divisional problem that exists in the 21st century United States.

Be ethical and moral with what memes you choose to share and how you choose to share them.

9 thoughts on “Memes: An Ethical Slippery Slope Feeding Division

  1. The number of memes The Gotch posted to Social Media are equal to the number of posts he’s made overall; it starts with a Z and rhymes with HERO!

    The Gotch

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re the only one I currently know of that doesn’t participate in any social media and I commend you for your stance.

      Me, the only social media I use is Facebook and it’s primarily to keep in touch with family and old friends that are spread across North America. It’s rare that I directly engage anyone on Facebook that’s not an actual friend, but there are times that I feel the need to stand up for what I think is right regardless of friendship status.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Gotch would be able to see past his uncompromising disdain for the cancer, AKA Social Media, were Elon Musk to acquire Twitter.

        With the stranglehold over a captive audience loosened, watching Lefty $#!TTING Themselves SIDEWAYS would make it all worthwhile!

        The Gotch


      2. You know me and I don’t use any social media. I’ve never had a Twitter account. Had a FB account for two weeks (over 10 years ago) then deleted it. The FB page was a basic as you could get as I didn’t provide any information or posts during the 2 weeks. I guess I have a youtube account because I use a gmail email address but I never used YouTube myself (other than viewing videos). I think I created a instagram account with a psueso email just so I could peruse some content.

        But, other than commenting on a few blogs, I’ve never posted anything to the internet or social media.

        Even if, as Gotch says, Elon Musk obtains Twitter, I’ll still never use it. I abhor Twitter and I mostly avoid reading articles embedded with tweets. But, Elon Musk will not acquire Twitter – the board ot Twitter adopted a “poison pill” strategy (If anyone acquires 15% or more of the shares other shareholders will be allowed to purchase additional shares at a discount. I don’t know too much about how all that works.

        Musk says he has a plan B. We’ll see.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Musk is a lot of bluff-n-bluster, Edward; kinda like Trump, but with more money-n-impulse control.

          Come what may, this virtual Atomic Wedgie will still give Lefties generally, and (heh!) Elizabeth Fauxchahontas-Lieawatha Warren specifically, laughable high dudgeon as they fearfully ponder a challenge to the tourniquet that’s been applied to the MSM.

          Lefty’s used to the game being rigged in their favor, it’s never been any other way in their experience; the price for a Trophy-N-A-Hug upbringing is coming due.

          They completely lack the existential, emotional, philosophical, psychological, & intellectual wherewithal to compete on a level playing field.

          The Gotch looks forward to panicky Death Of Democracy slobbering, their ONLY fallback, which will most certainly ensue!

          The Gotch


          1. Cornelius_Gotchberg wrote, “Musk is a lot of bluff-n-bluster, Edward; kinda like Trump, but with more money-n-impulse control.”

            Hmmm, Musk kind like Trump, hmmm…

            Could we be seeing Musk staking out the corner markers of a political stance and “could be” virtue signaling the red lines of a political vision thus setting the initial groundwork for a future run for president?

            Hmmm, inquiring people want to know.


          2. Not outside the realm of possibility; they’re similarly…um…equipped in the Ego Department, and what massive ego-driven soul who lives to be the center of attention, wouldn’t want to be the Commander-In-Chief?

            His being born in South Africa a dealbreaker?

            The Gotch


          3. Cornelius_Gotchberg wrote, “His being born in South Africa a dealbreaker?”

            I didn’t know about that but yes, it appears that he’s not a natural born citizen of the USA so that’s a deal breaker for President but not for many other elected offices.


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