Lying Political Attack Dogs In The Media Are Enemies Of The People!

Who is Tommy Christopher? Tommy Christopher was once the White House correspondent, a “journalist” of sorts, at the “the intersection of media and politics” news media outlet Mediaite which according to wikipedia is “a news website focusing on politics and the media”. Christopher wrote an article on November 11, 2021 about another one of President Biden’s speaking blunders (unfortunately there have been many) and the headline for the article is “No, Joe Biden Did Not Refer to Satchel Paige as a ‘Negro’ During Veterans Day Speech”.

Here is the unedited section of the video in question so you know the actual facts…

You can see the entire video on C-SPAN.

In the very first sentence of the article Christopher proves to me that he’s a Democratic Party activist, a liar and a partisan political attack dog that’s gaslighting the public. Christopher wrote “Conservative critics falsely claimed that President Joe Biden referred to legendary pitcher Satchel Paige as a “negro” during a Veterans Day speech”. By adding the word “falsely” to that sentence Christopher confirms to me that he’s a bona fide liar and his attacking Conservatives for pointing out the actual facts about the blunder proves to me that Christopher is a political hack aka partisan political attack dog. Partisan/political hack is defined as; a pejorative term describing a person who is part of the political party apparatus, but whose intentions are more aligned with victory than personal conviction. The term “hired gun” is often used in tandem to further describe the moral bankruptcy of the “hack”. I call political hacks partisan political attack dogs for a very good reason, they’re vicious unrelenting attacks against their political foes have earned them the title of a drooling, snarling, morally bankrupt attack dog.

As you can plainly see in the Mediaite article linked above, the activism, political hackery, lying and gaslighting doesn’t end there.

Christopher went on to write, “Variations on the same claim spread like wildfire among verified conservative Twitter users Thursday: that the president had referred to the late Hall of Famer as “the great negro at the time,” some even including a clip that plainly reveals the falsehood of the attack”. Then Christopher shares not one, not two, but five links to Twitter posts that accurately reflect Biden’s use of the word “Negro” and those shared Twitter posts directly contradict, not support, Christopher’s assertion that it’s a falsehood. Christopher doesn’t seem to know what a fact is. You just saw the video, you know the actual facts, you know that President Biden referred to Satchel Paige as a “Negro” and you know what the Conservative Twitter users that Christopher wrote about didn’t falsely portray what Biden said, but yet Christopher wrote that conservatives attack was a “falsehood”. Note: what the conservatives did by “attacking” President Biden’s speaking blunder might have been petty but it was NOT a falsehood.

But that’s not all.

Christopher goes on to tell us that what President Biden actually said isn’t what President Biden actually said, which happens to be Rationalization #64 on this list. Christopher wrote, “The president obviously began to say “Great Negro League pitcher,” but then paused and shifted to saying “at the time, pitcher in the Negro Leagues,” which was, in fact, the name of the league that Black players formed when they were shut out of Major League Baseball.” and then Christopher proceeds to tell us “That this needs to be explained is beyond absurd”. Well Mr. Christopher, your opinion that what you think President Biden was going to say overrides the fact of what he actually said is absolutely absurd and it’s proof of your pure unbridled gaslighting. Christopher’s gaslighting is up to the level of the claim that “War is Peace” in Orwell’s book “Nineteen Eighty-Four“.

It’s true that freedom of speech gives people the right to say what they want but…

What’s very clear to me is that Tommy Christopher (or whatever his real name is) is a bona fide unrepentant Democratic Party activist, a liar and a partisan political attack dog that’s gaslighting the public and he and the media outlet Mediaite are intentionally using their public distribution as a tool of partisan political hackery to intentionally manipulate the public with lies and gaslighting.

As Jack Marshall of Ethics Alarms wrote, “they [the media] aren’t even trying to be credible any more apparently“; Marshall is absolutely correct, their gaslighting propaganda is transparent to all that choose to pay attention. People and the media (aka news outlets) that intentionally lie to the public to manipulate them, like Tommy Christopher and Mediaite, are morally bankrupt and an enemy of the people. What the majority of the left leaning media, like Mediaite, are doing in the USA is Pravda like pure propaganda, it shows an overwhelming dominating support of the extreme political left and it’s aiding in the rise of totalitarianism in the USA. Unbiased journalism has become a quaint anecdote of history and the 21st century’s version of social justice, political activism and immoral propaganda is now common practice in the media. This media domination by the extreme political left is instilling fear in the public, fear of the apparent unlimited intimidation power of the left’s social justice warrior’s cancel culture, it’s similar to the fear of intimidation that Brown Shirts used to dominate the Jewish community in 1930’s Germany.

I’ve tried to devote this blog to critically thinking about things that I think are changing our society and undermining the building blocks of our society and culture and this particular kind of unscrupulous manipulating behavior from the Pravda like pure propaganda left leaning media is thoroughly undermining the building blocks of the United States of America. The United States of America is in the midst of a full blown ongoing culture war meant to fundamentally shift the United States of America away from individual rights and Liberty and towards totalitarianism.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
Benjamin Franklin

An interesting factoid related to this Biden “negro” gaffe story, most of the left leaning mainstream media hasn’t reported on this gaff at all, inquiring minds want to know why they’re not reporting the story?

11 thoughts on “Lying Political Attack Dogs In The Media Are Enemies Of The People!

  1. An inescapable sidebar: Just how F*cking Stupid do these Lefty hacks really deem their target audience?

    Sheesh! If it was just one whopper every now and again, but it’s rapid fire: Biden didn’t fart or check his watch, we really aren’t giving illegals million$, CRT is a LIE, Michelle Goldberg’s Slut Shaming, ad infinitum ad nauseum.

    Glass half full?

    The lucid are watching very closely as a cravenly ready-n-willing Lefty pays out the rope with which they’ll hang themselves!

    The Gotch

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  2. President Joe Biden caused a social media stir with comments he made about baseball great Satchel Paige during a Veterans Day speech Thursday at Arlington Cemetery.

    However, don’t count Bob Kendrick, president of the *Negro Leagues* Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, among those who were offended.

    “It’s an honor, as we look at it, that the president has such an affinity for Satchel,” Kendrick told Newsweek on Friday. “We take absolutely no offense to what the president said. As a matter of fact, we applaud the president for continuing to to be an advocate for this history.”

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      1. I am just salivating in hopeful expectation that a soon-to-be public Biden gaffe will be his obvious comfortable use of the word, ni**er.
        Is that wrong?
        Should I not feel that way?


  3. Fun to see more of the hand wringing about media bias. Guess what: the entire point of ALL media is to manipulate people’s thought. It’s a false premise to assume that media is supposed to be unbiased. It’s literally impossible for a human being to be unbiased. What purpose is there to write or speak words if you’re not trying to tell people how to think? That’s precisely what this blog does, it’s what I’m doing now. That is literally the purpose of communication!

    Anyone who is trying to tell you hey are unbiased is using that as a sales tactic.

    But it works great for political mobilization to make people believe that the “other side” has vast resources mobilized – it fires people up to believe they are the underdogs, under attack. It doesn’t matter what it really true. Conservatives can be messaged to believe that just as liberals are – both sides believe literally they are under attack because that’s an effective political message. And “evidence” can be produced to bolster the sales pitch on both sides of the coin because BOTH things are true: there is a vast “liberal” and “conservative” media empire trying to manipulate public opinion.

    I’d argue that any true liberal thought, however, is very well buried. A vast media network requires wealth to create and sustain, and by definition true liberalism aims to do away with concentrated individual wealth. So there is value to wealth holders to have a “liberal-ish” voice so as to create a false idea of two sides battling – the mobilization tactic requires someone to hate, but that someone has to be acceptable to the holders of wealth – that way no matter which side wins, wealth wins. So don’t worry “conservatives”, although you are being told to believe that you’re world will no longer exist if “the other side” wins, the world will actually be pretty much the same.


    1. Rollie,
      Your entire comment appears to be some kind of justification for biased journalism/media and a rationalization for the brazen lies and outright propaganda. Your blanket opinion about human beings is defeatist and I reject it.

      Journalism and anything that is presented as if it’s journalism should be unbiased to the best abilities of those collecting and presenting the information. Activist journalism is biased and unethical. Read and learn from Jim Lehrer’s 16 Rules Of Journalism in the following post.

      Propaganda Is Destroying Trust In The Fourth Estate and Wreaking Havoc On Society

      Rollie wrote, “although you are being told to believe that you’re world will no longer exist if “the other side” wins, the world will actually be pretty much the same.”

      You’re wrong. You’re wrong just like those that justified and rationalized the behaviors of the Nazi’s against the Jews in 1930’s Germany. You’re dead wrong.


      1. Wow straight to Nazis! Is Jim Lehrer Jesus or something, why am I supposed to think he’s the bringer of truth? Regardless, you have no good reason to believe that Tommy Cristopher is acting in the role of journalist beyond a Wikipedia entry. It’s not as if this blog is journalism. So that standard is for thee but not for me? Someone from a never-heard-of website is prohibited from expressing opinion while this blog can do so at will?

        This is a propaganda blog who has an author implying that propaganda is bad. All opinion commentary is literally propaganda!

        Believe me, I think it would be great if there were more factual, quantitative information being consumed by Americans (not even to get into how data is itself impacted by bias). But it’s quite rich for an opinion blogger to be calling for that. Why not start the trend here? Because it doesn’t get clicks and it doesn’t guarantee justification of preconceived opinion. Human nature.


  4. Rollie wrote, “Wow straight to Nazis!”

    Cool it Rollie!

    Rollie wrote, “Regardless, you have no good reason to believe that Tommy Cristopher is acting in the role of journalist beyond a Wikipedia entry. It’s not as if this blog is journalism.”

    This is straight from Mediaite, “Mediaite is a trusted source on the intersection of politics and media across the political spectrum. It’s not as if this blog is journalism.”

    I do not pretend to be a trusted source of anything.

    Rollie wrote, “So that standard is for thee but not for me? Someone from a never-heard-of website is prohibited from expressing opinion while this blog can do so at will?”

    That’s it, your officially being warned to stop trolling. I am not a hypocrite and anyone who claims or implies that I am will be banned. Present your arguments without this kind of trolling garbage or you’re out of here.


  5. That they call themselves journalists is a low bar. Every news org calls themselves journalists, and all of them push agendas. I am a hypocrite and so is everyone – nobody I know has reached pure status. I believe that we’re better off to seek out where we fall short from our ideals, recognizing that living purely and without hypocrisy is a great but unattainable goal, met only once (or few times depending on your religious philosophy).


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