Cancel Culture: Antithesis of Logic

This past weekend I spent with family in Evansville, IN burying my Mom’s ashes in her home town very near the rest of her maternal family. Mom was born and lived in Evansville a few different times throughout her life but now Mom is back home forever. Welcome home Mom and Godspeed.

In Memory of Joyce L. Witherspoon (Couch)

Some of the things my sister said in her exceptionally well written eulogy inspired me in a way I that didn’t expect. Her references to different aspects of our Mother’s life and how all those aspects, no matter how individually significant or insignificant they might have been, all added up to the sum of Mom’s life. It’s a culmination of life’s events that make up a life not one single event over all others, now there are exceptions to that as a general rule but it’s actually very rare that one event overshadows all other events in a life. My sister’s words rang true and that truth shined a interesting light on some of the disturbing things that the public has been witnessing in our 21st century culture. It seems that there are many people that ignore that life is a culmination of events and choose the path that cancel culture does by pushing that any single event a social justice warrior identifies as one they don’t like is justification for social cancelation regardless of all the facts, this leads towards social intimidation and social chaos.

With very rare exceptions; the life of a person cannot logically be defined by a single segment of that life no matter how significant that segment is perceived to be; the sum of life are all aspects of a persons’ life. The 21st century “progressive” movement (using the word progressive for this movement is an oxymoron it’s actually regressive, anti-tolerant, anti-liberal, anti-Liberty, and anti-Constitution in nature) towards cancel culture literally ignores this truth. Cancel culture intentionally cherry picks and then defines the entire life of a person based on a singular thing that they can publicly smear thus socially destroying everything that that person has done implying that the person is evil and therefore everything the person did is evil. Once they have socially canceled a person and publicly smeared them as being evil that person is persecuted in all aspects of their life, if you associate in any way with a canceled person, employ a canceled person, agree with anything a canceled person has ever done or said then you too are deemed equivalent evil. This is equivalent to what the “brown shirts” fascists did to Jews in 1930’s and 1940’s Germany.

“Jews are not wanted here.”

The building blocks of our society and its corresponding culture is dramatically shifting in the 21st century and the underlying thoughts driving cancel culture is a huge part of that shift. In the United States of America we’ve witnessed unprecedented events that have shifted how the population thinks about the world around them.

  • On September 11, 2001 there was a terrorist attack on our nation that killed thousands of civilians and completely ripped away the false facade of national invulnerability. Foreign born terrorism had arrived on USA soil and civilians were now the target! The nation was in mourning, the nation was angry and the nation went to war.
  • In 2008, then candidate for President of the United States of America Barack Obama called social progressives to action with the words “change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we are the change that we seek.” This moment in time inspired closet social progressives to actively come out from the shadows and demand their kind of change.
  • A few years after Candidate Obama’s progressive call to action we saw a huge surge in what’s been commonly referred to as social justice warriors (SJW’s). These SJW’s are very outspoken social justice activists that seemed to justify anything that can help them reach their social goals, using the unethical rationalization that the ends justifies the means.
  • Around 2008, we saw a major shift in activist journalism where journalists across the media actively promoted one side of political debates while openly demonizing the other side of political debates. This was primarily a shift that was in favor of the the progressive movement and anti-Conservative. Unbiased journalism had become a quaint anecdote of history and propaganda was now dominating the media in the USA.
  • Around 2009, we saw an outpouring of anti-white racism directed at anyone that politically disagreed with President Obama. It became “politically correct” to smear anyone that disagreed with President Obama, on any issue, as a racist and that irrational anti-white racism trickled down from national politics into state and local politics. Anti-white racism has become acceptable across the USA, white people are now considered evil simply because they are white and disagree with the political left. The once prophetic words of Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” have been stuffed into the quaint anecdotes of history.
  • Around 2013 a few Marxist minded anti-white totalitarian racists created a domestic terrorist group called Black Lives Matter (BLM) that has taken to the streets across the USA intimidating local officials and businesses with unsupportable claims of systemic racism and demanding that everyone either “give us what we want” or “we will burn down this system”. The results of BLM’s activism is open violence, arson and murder in our streets across the USA and they rationalize their actions by calling it protest or anti-racism.
  • There is also a loosely organized group of militant domestic terrorists called Anti-Fascist (ANTIFA) that’s been smearing anything they disagree with as fascism without any evidence that people are actually fascists. These militant terrorists have been engaging in violence against those they disagree with across the USA and appear to be a radical arm of progressives and the BLM movement.
  • There are groups of people across the USA that appear to want social chaos and they’re using any tool at their disposal to encourage chaos and ram their irrational ideological social changes down the throats of the public. The defund police and abolish jails movements are perfect examples of this movement towards chaos. They see social chaos as a means to their ends – the ends justifies the means.
  • In 2016 Donald J. Trump burst onto the political scene probably because the people saw destructive societal trends and they wanted someone that would take on those trends, head on. President Trump was an easy target for the progressive totalitarians, their social justice warriors and a Pravda like activist media that was consumed by the political left. The cancel culture social justice warriors, progressives, and the left’s Pravda like media unhinged themselves from reality and attacked everything President Trump did or said, he occupied so much of their conscious psyche that he became their hill to die on. President Trump was and still is a loose cannon mouthed unethical political hack that figuratively trolled the already radicalized political left but what’s interesting is that President Trump didn’t create the trendy things that are actually destroying our society, our culture, and our country…
  1. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s hate.
  2. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s bigotry.
  3. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s irrational aversion to truth and facts.
  4. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s anti-American and anti-Constitution ideological leanings.
  5. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s leaning towards totalitarianism.
  6. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s bastardization of words and symbols.
  7. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s anti-history stance.
  8. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s anti-social behaviors.
  9. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s anti-respect.
  10. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s anti-logic.
  11. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s anti-critical thinking.
  12. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s anti-civility.
  13. President Trump didn’t create the radicalized left’s Pravda like propaganda media machine.
  • Somewhere after the beginning of the 21st century we have seen a trend where social justice warriors literally judge historical figures based on today’s social standards NOT the standards by which they were judged in the time they actually lived. This cancel culture trend is a complete bastardization of history, it’s unethical and it’s immoral! Nation wide historical references found in the form of statues, school buildings, road names, etc are being destroyed and/or socially canceled and forced to be removed or changed because of the unethical and immoral bastardization that’s instigated by social justice warriors. Our history is slowly being erased by an unethical and immoral cancel culture.
  • In recent years we have seen the emergence of irrational race only thinking in anti-white critical race theory being taught across the USA and the 1619 Project which was literally trying to rewrite history. There are brazen unethical race hustling liars that are publicly claiming that “America [is] a ‘Failed Experiment’ Created Just ‘For White People‘ ” and stupid people are supposed to swallow all this pure propaganda as if it’s fact, the sad part is that there are many people that have swallowed the propaganda as fact. Even the National Museum of African American History and Culture jumped on the irrational thinking bandwagon when they published the “White Culture In The United States” poster (I wrote about it here) below and shared it with the world as if it was all unquestionable and verified fact. The implications in the poster are completely ridiculous! Eventually they had to remove the poster because of the obvious unethical and immoral implications and massive public backlash.
  • Last but not least is the ever growing overall movement of the cancel culture who’s intimidation tentacles have reached into corporate board rooms, school boards, town boards, city councils, small businesses, police departments, fire departments, colleges, K-12 classrooms, and probably into your own home. The intimidation from the cancel culture is feared above all else in the public. People don’t want their lives to be canceled, aka destroyed, because of something cherry picked from their past, so they go out of their way to virtue signal to the cancel culture in hopes that they can keep them at bay and just maybe their life or business won’t be the target of social justice warriors. People don’t want the sum of their life or business to end up being nothing more than a social canceling of their existence.

The United States of America is in the midst of a full blown ongoing culture war meant to fundamentally shift the United States of America away from individual rights and Liberty and towards totalitarianism. Cancel culture has been the dominating political and social tool of social extremists that seem to be attempting to control all aspects of our lives so they can ram their political ideology down the throats of the public. These social extremists, aka terrorists, want to control what we the people think, what we the people do and what we the people are allowed to say or write publicly and they are using any means necessary including inflicting violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of their end political goals. See online definitions of terrorism. The 21st century cancel culture has shown us repetitively that they will sum up the entire life of an individual or a group that they deem as a social target around one single aspect of the targets’ entire existence while completely ignoring all other aspects of the targets’ existence even if other things prove that their smears are false, some have actually smeared President Lincoln – the President that freed the slaves – as not being anti-racist enough and want to tear down his statues, cancel culture is the antithesis of logic. There is no logic to the cancel culture’s tactics, their goal is to manipulate the public at a psychological level with pure propaganda and intimidation.

Antithesis: a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else.

Logic: reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.

The 21st century cancel culture is ignoring the sum of a persons’ life or the sum of a business or group’s existence and reducing these things to the least common cherry picked denominator that they can then pluck out and publicly smear as evil. If you anger social justice warriors they will find something in your life that they can smear as the evil that they’ve been looking for and encourage the public to destroy your life, it might be something as simple as at some point in your life you knew or know someone they’ve already smeared as evil therefore you too are evil – guilt by association, facts are irrelevant. Mob control and government control are the kind of controls that cancel culture social justice warriors and totalitarians are in favor of. Cancel culture is leading our society away from individual rights and towards social totalitarianism and big government that controls all aspects of individual life. Cancel culture is literally in the process of canceling our entire culture through the death of a thousand cuts thus canceling the rights of the individuals and eventually they will cancel the Constitution. Cancel culture is depending on your fear to drive you into becoming another hive minded totalitarian drone. Remember, rights for me but not for thee is not the Liberty of our founding fathers, it’s totalitarianism.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, social justice warriors are a 21st Century scourge. I firmly believe that the social justice “progressives” that are trying to fundamentally change the United States of America are an enemy to the Constitution, an enemy to Liberty and therefore an enemy of the people.

The state of being free within society from
oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on
one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.

The quality or state of being free.

Freedom from arbitrary or despotic control.

The positive enjoyment of various social, political,
or economic rights and privileges.

The power of choice.

Freedom from control, interference, obligation,
restriction, hampering conditions, etc.;
power or right of doing, thinking,
speaking, etc., according to choice.

The freedom to live as you wish or go where you want.

Liberty for me but not for thee; this is how liberty dies.

Liberty is Dying a Slow Death in the United States of America

Will you become a pre-programmed hive minded totalitarian drone or will you be a part of the resistance that’s independently minded and focused on civil Liberty?

[EDIT: 10/27/2021] Fixed some grammar and punctuation problems.

5 thoughts on “Cancel Culture: Antithesis of Logic

  1. “A historian who judges a man in the context of today’s time and standards and not the standards and conditions of the time in which the subject lived commits a scholarly sin. The attempt to understand people in their context and on their terms requires that we temporarily suspend judgment. Understanding the America of the 1920s and ’30s and ’40s obliges us to make the effort of not judging it by the standards and values of today.”–Norman L. Wacht

    The Gotch

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  2. Assertion and belief that denies reality is the definition of insanity. The politics of personal destruction deny the reality that all men are created equal, and have the opportunity to attempt to better their lives. Woke culture demands that people inhabit the box the SJW decides for them. This is insanity.

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