Things That Make You Go, Hmmmm…

Some observations from the last two years to roll around in your heads for a while.

In August 2019 I wrote this* on Ethics Alarms

I’m waiting to see how the new tactic to unseat President Trump is going to take shape in the media propaganda machine, the economy. This one is actually destructive to the United States of America.

I’m sure we’ve all heard it; prominent lefties are actively hoping for a recession so the President can’t run on a good economy. They are saying that a recession won’t really hurt us and we’ll survive it just fine. They have been projecting their intent, is anyone paying attention to their actions?

Since those statements from prominent lefties have emerged, I’ve been noticing some developing trends from the political left trying to say the economy is already in a downturn heading towards a recession. Based on the morally bankrupt behavior of the political left since November 2016, I think it’s a fair prediction that the political left is going to be ramping this up to a fever pitch causing actual fear in people, causing people to stop or greatly slow their spending which will cause the stock market to start declining and all of this will put people out of work which will drag things down even quicker thus actually creating the recession they desire and all in less than a year.

Then in November 2019 I wrote this* on Ethics Alarms…

If the economy tanks and we go into a recession/depression the Democrats will have an increased chance at winning the White House. Since the resistance can’t seem to get rid of Trump using the other soft coup tools they’ve tried so I’m starting to actively watch for signs that they are trying to manipulate/destroy the economy and send the USA into a recession. But how could the resistance destroy the economy?

I wonder if the left will try a massive propaganda campaign trying to convince the public that the economy is failing to get people to stop spending, fear of a failing economy can be a big motivator for hoarding dollars.

We all know that fear is a HUGE political motivator, and then COVID-19 hit and what was actively encouraged by politicians, scientists, and the media…

Then in April 2020 after COVID-19 had been used as a tool to shut down and wreck our economy I wrote this on Ethics Alarms…

Somehow the Democrats got their destroyed economy!

Everything really IS terrible!


Want to get a real conspiracy theory bouncing off the inside walls of that cranium of yours, think about that for a while.

Then I concluded my thoughts on that above comment with this*…

• The Democrats wanted a destroyed economy, they got it.

• The Democrats want to push totalitarian policies, they’re doing it.

• The Democrats want something new about every month or two to smear President Trump, they got it.

• The Democrats wanted something to make the public fearful, they got it.

There’s about six and a half months left until the election; with all the things the Democrats have done over the last 3+ years, what the heck will the Democrat’s last-ditch effort, their 11th hour attack on President Trump be just before election day – I expect a real dozy!

Well after the economy was conveniently destroyed it seemed that there was another last ditch effort to get President Trump out of office and that was to use the COVID-19 pandemic to bastardize election laws in key states and allow voting methods that either weren’t allowed at all before 2020 or expand some methods to absurdity and allow the general population to use voting methods that were never designed for the masses and NOT allowed for the masses anytime in history before 2020. Their bastardization of election laws worked and the Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden won the election.

Joe Biden wins election.

Then after the Democrats won the election by literally bastardizing election laws in a few states they still couldn’t seem to publicly demean President Trump the way they really wanted, just getting him out of office was not enough, they needed to DESTROY any possibility of him being reelected. Then low and behold there was what some Conservatives, like me, called a well out of character riot at the nation’s Capitol after a Trump rally and speech regarding the election where some of the law and order Conservatives that were present, you know the people that have been quite vocal against the violent riots across the USA and openly supporting police, suddenly flipped flopped and chose to riot, attack the police, and break into the Capitol building and do exactly what they’ve been against for over a year. Ignorant, foolish, rioting dumbasses!

Thanks to Getty Images for sharing this photo that someone took.

Wala, regardless of the fact that President Trump told the protesters to be peaceful (and the vast majority of them were) now the Democrats had exactly what they wanted, something they could twist into yet another unconstitutional impeachment and if they could ram this one through Congress fast enough they could hopefully prevent President Trump from being able to run for President again.

SIDE NOTE: So now that we’re hearing about how the FBI is using informants to incite and plan illegal activities related to politics and quite likely entrapped some really stupid and gullible people to plan to kidnap the Michigan Governor (the result of such a kidnapping serves absolutely no political purpose), I’m personally beginning to wonder if FBI informants were somehow involved in inspiring and planning the DC January 6th riot which also served absolutely no political purpose, it was known all along that the riot was going to be a futile show of political “force”.

I know that’s a long year and a half lineup of seemingly coincidental events all without exception benefiting one political party in the USA. I am not saying that these events were planned by Democrats or those affiliated with the Democratic Party; however, it does make a critically thinking person wonder just how coincidental all these events actually are.

Is all this correlation = causation or conspiracy thinking, maybe, maybe not; that’s for you to decide. Know this; the political left has shown us over and over again for the last 5 years that when it comes to pushing their agenda and attacking those they oppose, especially anything related to President Trump, the ends justifies the means, so their own repetitive actions inspire theories that they are actually planning the things that helped put them back in power.

Now for my self observation.
What is surprising to me is that in just the last 5 years someone like me, a person that has been one to actively debunk conspiracy theories, would notice a possible destructive trend like the one I put together above and I have to ask myself why? I know I’ve been hammering on the things that are undermining the building blocks of our society for a while so I’m wondering if I’ve made myself more aware of genuinely destructive trends or am I now more susceptible to identifying destructive trends that might not actually be there?

Know this; I present things like this particular blog post to start an open discussion on what I wrote and the facts not to say that the implications presented are actual fact, so don’t spread the implications as fact but discuss and learn from the actual facts and come to your own conclusions.

* Some of the links might not take you directly to the comment, you might have to scroll to find it.

Featured Photo Credits: Cropped from a sharable photo I found online.

3 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go, Hmmmm…

  1. “Conservatives that were present, you know the people that have been quite vocal against the violent riots across the USA and openly supporting police, suddenly flipped flopped and chose to riot, attack the police, and break into the Capitol building and do exactly what they’ve been against for over a year. Ignorant, foolish, rioting dumbasses!”

    I believe things of this nature are typically instigated by a league of professional provocateurs. Fifty provocateurs can provoke several hundred demonstrators; the mob mentality spreads like a flood. The January 6th protest was what the Democrats hoped for, planned for.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “I believe things of this nature are typically instigated by a league of professional provocateurs.”

      You’s don’t say?

      DNC OPERATIVES (Scott Foval & Robert Creamer) Seen Scheming To Incite Trump Rally Chaos

      “Two operatives who were working with the Democratic National Committee to help elect Hillary Clinton are no longer working in that role after an undercover video appeared to show them plotting to incite violence at Donald Trump’s rallies.

      Appeared to show??? M…kay…

      Anywho “ ‘It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this,’ Foval said in one clip of the video that describes how to get Trump’s supporters to start punching the people that they plant in line at his rallies.”

      It gets worse…or better if yer a Righty!

      Lefty miscreant Bobby Creamer was a WH guest over 340 times (close to every ~ 10 days Hopeless Changey was in office), 47 (~ once every 2 months) of those with a personal audience with the self-anointed 4th Greatest President EVAH who was tasked with overseeing the Most Transparent Administration EVAH!

      Ah Lefty; so MUCH crushing ignominy, so little time!

      The Gotch

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