Facebook Marketplace Has A Huge Programing Error, Please Help!

I’m having a problem with Facebook Marketplace. I’m trying to list two guitars for sale on Marketplace and the listings will not post properly. Here are some screen shots and what’s happening:

I entered the listings and when I go to see the listings in my account listings I see this…

When I click on these two listings to see what the problems are I get these displayed…

Please notice that it’s telling me that my listings go against their Rules for Healthcare Products, what the hell? My listings are not in Healthcare Products they are both listed with Electric Guitars under Musical Instruments.

When I click on the Request Review I get this display…

I try to click on the Admined Pages and I get nothing, there is nothing in the display for me to do other than click on Send and then I get this display…

I double checked the text to see if there was some kind of a problem and I see nothing to cause this…

I can’t find anything wrong with the listings, there is no way to edit the listings, it’s 100% clear that they have an error in their programming and there is no way to contact the people that control Facebook Marketplace to fix their problem.

I’m stuck and I can’t figure out what to do to fix this.

Can anyone help?

2 thoughts on “Facebook Marketplace Has A Huge Programing Error, Please Help!

  1. The problem may be the anatomical/medical references in your ad. Body, neck, left hand, rash, arthritis, etc. Clearly the Facebook software is misinterpreting something. Good luck getting an actual human to run interference for your problem.

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    1. Never thought of it that way; you might be correct as to why it might have been kicked into an error status but it sure doesn’t explain why none of the requesting review parts actually function.


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