Revisiting the Intentional Brainwashing of the United States of America

A post over at Ethics Alarms and Jonathan Turley’s blog post inspired me to revisit something I wrote nearly a year ago. It’s even more clear to me today that this has been and is still happening.

The public is being BRAINWASHED with constant PROPAGANDA from the extreme political left and it’s destroying the foundations of the United States of America.

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Malcolm X

In a study of former prisoners of Korean War and Chinese war camps the psychologist Robert Jay Lifton made some observations about brainwashing. Here is an article by Julia Layton over at How Stuff Works that has Lifton’s findings, How Brainwashing Works. Here is some information contained in the article:

Steps Involved in Brainwashing
1. Assault on identity
2. Guilt
3. Self-betrayal
4. Breaking point
5. Leniency
6. Compulsion to confess
7. Channeling of guilt
8. Releasing of guilt
9. Progress and harmony
10. Final confession and rebirth.

Layton wrote that Lifton divided those steps into three stages: breaking down the self, introducing the possibility of salvation, and rebuilding the self.


Assault on Identity
You are not who you think you are. This is a systematic attack on a target’s sense of self (also called his identity or ego) and his core belief system. The agent denies everything that makes the target who he is: “You are not a soldier.” “You are not a man.” “You are not defending freedom.” The target is under constant attack for days, weeks or months, to the point that he becomes exhausted, confused and disoriented. In this state, his beliefs seem less solid.

You are bad. While the identity crisis is setting in, the agent is simultaneously creating an overwhelming sense of guilt in the target. He repeatedly and mercilessly attacks the subject for any “sin” the target has committed, large or small. He may criticize the target for everything from the “evilness” of his beliefs to the way he eats too slowly. The target begins to feel a general sense of shame, that everything he does is wrong.

Agree with me that you are bad. Once the subject is disoriented and drowning in guilt, the agent forces him (either with the threat of physical harm or of continuance of the mental attack) to denounce his family, friends and peers who share the same “wrong” belief system that he holds. This betrayal of his own beliefs and of people he feels a sense of loyalty to increases the shame and loss of identity the target is already experiencing.

Breaking Point
Who am I, where am I and what am I supposed to do? With his identity in crisis, experiencing deep shame and having betrayed what he has always believed in, the target may undergo what in the lay community is referred to as a “nervous breakdown.” In psychology, “nervous breakdown” is really just a collection of severe symptoms that can indicate any number of psychological disturbances. It may involve uncontrollable sobbing, deep depression and general disorientation. The target may have lost his grip on reality and have the feeling of being completely lost and alone. When the target reaches his breaking point, his sense of self is pretty much up for grabs — he has no clear understanding of who he is or what is happening to him. At this point, the agent sets up the temptation to convert to another belief system that will save the target from his misery.


I can help you. With ­the target in a state of crisis, the agent offers some small kindness or reprieve from the abuse. He may offer the target a drink of water, or take a moment to ask the target what he misses about home. In a state of breakdown resulting from an endless psychological attack, the small kindness seems huge, and the target may experience a sense of relief and gratitude completely out of proportion to the offering, as if the agent has saved his life.

Compulsion to Confession
You can help yourself. For the first time in the brainwashing process, the target is faced with the contrast between the guilt and pain of identity assault and the sudden relief of leniency. The target may feel a desire to reciprocate the kindness offered to him, and at this point, the agent may present the possibility of confession as a means to relieving guilt and pain.

Channeling of Guilt
This is why you’re in pain. After weeks or months of assault, confusion, breakdown and moments of leniency, the target’s guilt has lost all meaning — he’s not sure what he has done wrong, he just knows he is wrong. This creates something of a blank slate that lets the agent fill in the blanks: He can attach that guilt, that sense of “wrongness,” to whatever he wants. The agent attaches the target’s guilt to the belief system the agent is trying to replace. The target comes to believe it is his belief system that is the cause of his shame. The contrast between old and new has been established: The old belief system is associated with psychological (and usually physical) agony; and the new belief system is associated with the possibility of escaping that agony.

Releasing of Guilt
It’s not me; it’s my beliefs. The embattled target is relieved to learn there is an external cause of his wrongness, that it is not he himself that is inescapably bad — this means he can escape his wrongness by escaping the wrong belief system. All he has to do is denounce the people and institutions associated with that belief system, and he won’t be in pain anymore. The target has the power to release himself from wrongness by confessing to acts associated with his old belief system. With his full confessions, the target has completed his psychological rejection of his former identity. It is now up to the agent to offer the target a new one.


Progress and Harmony
If you want, you can choose good. The agent introduces a new belief system as the path to “good.” At this stage, the agent stops the abuse, offering the target physical comfort and mental calm in conjunction with the new belief system. The target is made to feel that it is he who must choose between old and new, giving the target the sense that his fate is in his own hands. The target has already denounced his old belief system in response to leniency and torment, and making a “conscious choice” in favor of the contrasting belief system helps to further relieve his guilt: If he truly believes, then he really didn’t betray anyone. The choice is not a difficult one: The new identity is safe and desirable because it is nothing like the one that led to his breakdown.

Final Confession and Rebirth
I choose good. Contrasting the agony of the old with the peacefulness of the new, the target chooses the new identity, clinging to it like a life preserver. He rejects his old belief system and pledges allegiance to the new one that is going to make his life better. At this final stage, there are often rituals or ceremonies to induct the converted target into his new community. This stage has been described by some brainwashing victims as a feeling of “rebirth.”


That is the relevant information that I found on brainwashing.

As far as I can tell, brainwashing is exactly what has taken place and is currently taking place to a large swath of our population, it’s as if the social justice warriors have all joined an extremist cult and have undergone years of brainwashing. These people are happily leaping from the freedoms we’ve enjoyed for many years in the United States into the fire pits of pure totalitarianism and they’re using some of the same tactics as past totalitarians. Some examples of well known totalitarians that “inspired” massive social and government changes are:

Joseph Stalinformer General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Adolf Hitlerformer Führer of Germany
Mao Zedongformer Chairman of the Communist Party of China
Benito Mussoliniformer Duce of Italy
Kim Il-sungthe Eternal President of North Korea

Wake up people; the Constitution of the United States of America is actively being bastardized and stripped of its power by progressives and their political arm of brainwashed social justice warriors. What makes the United States of America what it is is actively being demonized and sent to the burning fires of hell. These people hate the United States of America and all it stands for. I can only guess that their end goal is to completely dissolve the United States and install a totalitarian government.

I encourage readers to present reasonable arguments to intelligently contradict my brainwashing argument.

6 thoughts on “Revisiting the Intentional Brainwashing of the United States of America

  1. The Gotch suspects he may have added at the time that he believed it would be necessary to actually HAVE a brain in order for its washing to occur.

    Alas; were it not for Gaslighting, poor Lefty would have no light at all!

    The Gotch

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