Gangstalking: The Undercurrents Of A Society In Distress [UPDATED]

I was recently introduced to this phenomenon by a friend that has been actively gangstalked over the last year. It appears that he pissed off the wrong people simply by voicing an opinion on a social media outlet that differed from their social justice hive mind. How dare someone in the United States of America, of all places, choose to voice a differing opinion than the hive mind; as the foul-tempered monarch the Queen of Hearts in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland would say, “off with his head”!

Here is some information about gangstalking that my friend shared with me, this is a collection of his research and his personal experiences…

[UPDATE 12/30/2021: An update from the author to the following gangstalking information can be found in the downloadable PDF document at the bottom of this post.]

Organized stalking, also known as gangstalking, bullying, or mobbing is an organized attack upon an individual or couple, the target. A variety of methods are utilized to intimidate, isolate, harass, and provoke the target into an incriminating act that will be recorded and used against them. The goal is to discredit, demoralize, and utterly devastate all quality of life. This is happening in your neighborhood now and wherever a targeted individual happens to live.

Smear Campaign
A smear campaign is a primary technique used to demolish a target’s reputation and ultimately ruin their life. A proven effective method is to spread vile accusations within the community. The purpose is to turn neighbors against this horrible person, disgrace them, destabilize them, and ultimately destroy them. Some often used charges are: bigot/racist, agitator, abusive, drug dealer, thief, violent, pedophile, sexual predator, stalker, prostitute, subversive, in other words an undesirable of some sort. This is an effective recruitment tool because ordinary people are convinced they are performing their civic duty by helping to bring down a ‘creep’ labeled with any of the above. Money is the usual incentive, among other favors that facilitate recruitment. Some join the program in exchange for a reduced sentence due to their criminal activity. There is also an established network of unethical easily manipulated snitches whose services are diverted to follow and harass the target.

There is something seriously wrong with all of these people because well-adjusted
individuals do not derive pleasure from hurting their fellow citizens in this way. The people at the top directing the program are insulated by multiple layers of dimwitted lower level operatives and unlikely to ever be held accountable. These scheming individuals are masters of manipulation who prey upon the lower impulses, fear, and personal prejudice of recruits to get them to carry out their underhanded dirty work.

Warning Others About The Target(s)
Anyone the target comes into contact with receives a warning about the target. The warning usually includes disinformation, manufactured/altered evidence, and the target is, “under investigation”. This favorite tactic is designed to make all interactions uncomfortable and to poison the entire neighborhood against the target. Finding and keeping a job in this environment is undermined. This continues for years because there is no shortage of misguided groundlings willing to do nearly anything for money and other favors. However, getting involved means dipping your toe into a foul, dark pool of energy.

Gangstalking Tactics
Gangstalking tactics include entrapment, home invasion, wiretaps, computer hacking, bugging, spoofing email, placing a GPS on cars, blacklisting, crowding/mobbing the target, workplace undermining, framing, honey traps, 24/7 in your face surveillance, slander, baiting, mail tampering, verbal insults, gaslighting, poisoning pets, vandalism, etc. Parents even allow young children to be used. Nothing is sacred or off limits. Street level perps are taught how to operate just below the threshold of what can be reported without sounding paranoid. They are fed biased information and pressured into adopting hostile feelings toward the target. Those involved are obedient, sadistic, and draw their courage from the group. They literally gang up on their victim.

Gangstalking Subculture
The gangstalking substructure is a mix of civilian, criminal, and corrupt members
or former members of America’s security industry. This subculture provides an
umbrella of protection where members can safely express their malicious impulses.

The program structure resembles a pyramid and only the people in charge (at the
top) know why someone is targeted. Street level trackers (at the bottom) believe
what they are told and are warned to keep quiet “for the sake of the investigation”.
The real reason for silence is because these are not officially sanctioned campaigns
that are unable to withstand public scrutiny. Secrecy is also necessary because the
only purpose of this destructive cult-like group is to torment an individual who
someone in power considers worthy of punishment. The so-called investigation is a
smokescreen that provides cover for an illicit program that circumvents due process
and panders to the mob mentality. They are their own version of a hate group.

A brutal form of predatory gangstalking originated with the East German Stasi. A less brutal modified program has been used to maintain Jim Crow Laws, against the Civil Rights Movement, against anti-war protesters, by the KKK, for political/corporate advantage, to silence dissension, etc. J. Edgar Hoover originated the program in the U.S. and the only requirement to put someone on a list is a corrupt official or well-connected civilian. There can be any number of reasons. Perhaps the target crossed the wrong person, knows too much, personal vengeance, political/religious/social views, a whistleblower, too outspoken, too influential, a messy divorce, bad break up, or make an example of. Regardless; groupstalking is evil and a violation of civil rights. It is also a terrible waste of resources that could be directed toward apprehending real criminals. The counterfeit patriots involved in vigilante stalking are divisive and spread their poison throughout the community. These smear merchants are in the business of destroying people’s lives.

What You Can Do
Do not participate! Do not be deceived by these scurrilous liars, do not cooperate with them. You cannot be forced to join in and it is dangerous to do so because they will turn on you for any number of reasons. Legitimate investigations are not witch hunts. Legitimate investigations are not conducted this way. Character assassination only works when naive, fearful, or devious people go along and spread the lies. You cannot trust these scoundrels on any level and getting involved is bad karma that will taint your life with disfavor and darkness. You can find some true stories on the internet floating in a sea of disinformation and deception meant to discredit genuine victims. The psychopaths responsible for these despicable campaigns flood the internet with fake, crazy sounding articles and YouTube videos designed to give the impression that organized stalking is not real. Unless you or someone you know become a target, it is easy to dismiss any of this as real, but it is. Our government should not be in the business of victimizing American citizens who pose no threat but instead are hounded by corrupt “officials” abusing their power.

For more information see…

After reading this I couldn’t help but notice some strong correlations between the gangstalking, as described above, and what social justice warriors have been doing for the last twelve years culminating in the protests and rioting that we’re seeing in the streets across the United States right now. There are organized groups out there that appear to use very similar tactics to intimidate the individuals, politicians, and the public at large to get their way – or else; groups in Madison, WI like Freedom Inc., Urban Triage Inc., Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) and of course some national groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, just to name a few.

Now if you’re open minded and think about how society changes over time it’s easy to see that all the things we’re seeing these days are showing us that we’re in the middle of a massive social push towards totalitarianism; a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.  These social justice warriors openly state that either we give them what they want or they’ll burn our system down, and they’re currently in the streets rioting and burning to prove their point. They are bigots: one who is narrow-mindedly devoted to their own ideas and groups, and intolerant of (people of) differing ideas, races, genders, religions, politics, etc. What’s really going on is that they want a system where THEY control the thoughts of everyone, you must think as they think and do as they do or you’ll be destroyed. Sound familiar to the Borg hive mind as portrayed in Star Trek?

Artist rendering of Borg drone regeneration chambers
aka social justice reeducation camps here on earth.

Will you be assimilated into the hive and become a drone?

Resist the brainwashing.

Featured Image: Locutus of Borg from Star Trek movies.

14 thoughts on “Gangstalking: The Undercurrents Of A Society In Distress [UPDATED]

  1. These events are making me really nervous. The people that have the authority to use force are backing down and the normal law abiding citizens are the ones at risk. Take the St. Louis incident for example – I don’t want to be in this type of situation. Even if armed, how do 1 or 2 people fight off a mob if they are also armed. You can do all the tough talking you want and say some people are cowering but I’m not in for a gun fight. I’m pro 2A but I don’t want to go up against a mob.

    There hasn’t been any trouble around here or at least within 25 miles. There have been riots in cities within an hour drive of here.

    It seems to me most of these SJWs are already coming from a place of privilege. I don’t see a lot of poor needy poverty stricken people participating in these riots, just a bunch of spoiled brats.

    I wish I had your talent for putting thoughts into words – I follow your posts here and enjoy your commentary over at EA.

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    1. George wrote, “Take the St. Louis incident for example – I don’t want to be in this type of situation. Even if armed, how do 1 or 2 people fight off a mob if they are also armed.”

      The real world isn’t like the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” where they take on an armed mob and win, generally speaking 1 or 2 smart people don’t fight off a mob they hunker down protect themselves and avoid confrontation. These two people are not very smart.

      Something I noticed about the St. Louis couple; the woman with the pistol should have her pistol taken away from her by her husband until she is better trained, she’s a damn imbecile waving that firearm around indiscriminately pointing it at the crowd with her finger on the trigger it’s very clear that she is untrained how to effectively use her firearm, she’s an accidental shooting waiting to happen, she’s dangerous. The man was a bit more aware of how he was presenting his rifle, in the video I saw it was rare that the barrel of his rifle was pointed towards the crowd and it wasn’t done as if he was “aiming” at the crowd plus I never saw his finger on the trigger.

      From what I saw in the videos there was really no reason to present the firearms to the crowd. If the couple was truly scared they should have walked into their home, armed themselves, called the police, and stayed inside their home. Walking outside with loaded firearms in the manner in which they did “might” have been legal in the eyes of the law but it was just stupid and escalated the situation to being potentially dangerous. Their actions were intentionally threatening and uncalled for.


      1. Yes, I’ve been trained in firearms handling; so, I had the same thought as you about the wife. I doubt there will be a crowd coming through my neighborhood and I’d definitely avoid any direct confrontation.

        I like what you wrote over at Blaska:
        “I think our history has shown us just how violent people can get when they are backed into a corner and have to lash out with unfettered violence to maintain the integrity of these United States of America.

        • I know which side of this I stand.”

        I stand on the same side as you.

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  2. This was a very bad decision on behalf of the home owners, but if they had already been threatened… they still should have stayed indoors. Sounds like they hired private security for the more recent protest.

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    1. I saw an interview with them this morning and to be honest I’m not entirely certain if the first video we saw when they had the firearms in their yard was the first time these protesters came through the neighborhood. I got the impression (I could be wrong) that it was the second time the protesters came through there and after they had received threats against them and their property. Something that might back that up is the gate that was broken “appeared” to be broken before the protesters trespassed that day; when they were on the street walking towards the neighborhood I didn’t see anyone destroying the gate, they just walked through the broken gate. Under those conditions; if I had chosen to open the front door to ask the protesters to keep out of the yard I would have had a side arm strapped to my belt but I certainly wouldn’t have been brandishing the firearm as they were doing.

      The manner in which these people conducted themselves was out there.


      1. The (short) clips I saw had a strange vibe. I think I would have been a bit more ‘tactical’ than just standing in my front yard with my wife for back up (who apparently had never held a pistol in her life).

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        1. slickwilly wrote, “wife…who apparently had never held a pistol in her life”

          True dat!

          They should use video of her to train people what NOT to do. I give her credit for standing up for herself but she is a perfect example of a firearm doofus.


  3. The once very secret and rarely believed phenomenon of organized stalking is beginning to be uncovered publicly as more and more prominent individuals come forward to share their experience of organized harassment and persecution.
    Click the link below to learn about the history, tactics, and origin, of what some have labeled community militia. However, these are NOT the good guys.
    It is detailed, extremely informative, and worth archiving as reference.


  4. What should I do if I have been gang stalked for more than two years?

    Here’s an abbreviated version of David Bracey’s response on Quora-

    Give yourself a pat on the back if you haven’t completely lost your marbles, lashed out at anyone physically, or killed yourself from despair. Also, dig in for the long haul. Some of these gangs don’t like it when you’re built to last, especially when you have half a brain and can give it back as well as you get it. On the bright side, I’ve been gang-stalked for over ten years, and I’m still going strong. Record them. Fight back. Don’t get caught doing anything illegal, of course.

    Luckily, the average participant is fairly weak-minded, and easily convinced that selling out the Constitution and their fellow human beings is heroic in some fashion. And if it keeps them out of jail and earns them sex or love or group adoration (which are ritualistic rewards more than what they advertise btw), or if it makes them feel like they’re part of something cool and proud and tough… I can’t blame them.

    But I can’t tolerate certain behaviors either, and that’s why I subscribe to the notion of fighting back. They won’t respect you, but they don’t respect ANYBODY who knows the truth and disagrees with them. The truth is that they’re corrupt little charlatans playing hero against people they refuse to treat with anything approaching due process or fairness. You know – scumbags.

    In my case of course, I DID commit crimes to expose them, and some were not too savory. But I used fire against fire, and my attacks were mostly psychological in nature, as I realized that most of their attacks are the same. They’re not perfect (in spite of their many delusions), so they CAN be outwitted. I just didn’t know what I was fighting at first, and by the time I had some clue, completely underestimated their cruelty and ignorance.

    The problem is systemic – in my case, it’s the Masons. They’ve infiltrated all walks of life and taken over the government for the most part. Thus, the New World Order that went online around 9–11. I was being targeted long before I gave them justification BECAUSE I was born into it – their kids are born into it, and some have no clue that this is the case (I didn’t see it for what it was until they tried to recruit me when I turned 33). I simply refused to join their little “phoenix” program when I FINALLY figured out that the little coinkidinks in my life were not coincidences, and THAT was, to them, the worst crime of all.

    I’ve heard of people being targeted for decades. So if you’ve lasted two years, WELCOME TO THE CLUB, dude! Targeted individuals have one simple goal in life (because most others will quickly become restricted); stay positive whenever possible, and don’t blame yourself whenever they make it impossible. The bright side is that YOU CAN SURVIVE FOR DECADES getting this relentless horse crap, and unless you let the treatment break you somehow, there’s not a damned thing they can do about it. The system is corrupt, and you can’t go to the police or the Feds or your President for help when they’re in on it (but by all means, make a public record if you can). You don’t have to become the monster they’re hoping you’ll become, and you don’t have to do nothing either.

    Just be good to yourself, and don’t hate yourself for those days when you’re not good to yourself or others (you’ll have them). Don’t hurt anybody else, either. They want you to believe they’re all having a big party and that it’s the time of their lives – and for some demented screw-ups, it probably is – but they’re prisoners too. If they tried to resist, they’d be in the same boat. And that is pitiable.

    Be good and do good wherever possible. There are plenty of examples of people who did despicable things and bounced back, as well as people who were wrongly accused, wrongly imprisoned, wrongly treated, and bounced back as well (it may take a lifetime, but if you know you deserve better – FIGHT FOR IT). Some have the approval of society (like Robert Downey Jr, who went from doing drugs and waking up in a little girl’s bedroom, to playing Iron Man and getting pardoned by the official government), and others will end up with less fortunate stories, where they messed with corrupt cops, and were FOREVER BRANDED as something evil. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide who you are and how you’re going to act. It is NOT crazy to react to these living gonads. Nor is it impossible to survive them and hold your head up high.

    I respect their power but deny their authority. I pity their brainwashed captive state, but I envy the ones who feel a false (deluded) sense of camaraderie. I don’t blame people for wanting to go back into the Matrix and taste a steak again. I’m just proud that I’m not THAT deluded that I would sell out my fellow human beings to feel welcome among an ego-driven few. There’s no shame when one person folds against an army. In my case, there are 2 million Masons in the U.S. alone. Far more globally. I’m like John Wick at this point – excommunicated – I couldn’t join if I wanted to. Lucky for me I don’t want to be a grade-school level hitman

    Don’t become a deranged shooter, please. That’s all I ask. Don’t let them poison you, or physically hurt you either. In my case, they use allergens, they put dust in my air vents, they’ve put excrement in my food and drink. I can’t simply laugh at that, because there’s genuine physical danger involved.

    Think outside the box and fight back. They cheat – they have cameras and “eyes” everywhere – but they CAN NOT see everything. Use this to your advantage. They put cameras in TVs and mirrors. They use the ones on your phone and computer. Cover them up, take them out of the room if necessary. Do what you need to do to stay sane privately. You’re NOT alone. There are others just like you, who care about you and want you to be free of these unconstitutional vigilante shmucks. And to date, despite their “best” efforts to get me to lose my mind, their best just hasn’t good enough. They’ll make me hurt for saying it, but I can live with the hurt, it’s living with myself if I give in to their nuttery I can’t abide. I don’t fight Fascism because I think I can win; I fight it because its Fascism.

    Take care out there and take heart – help is on the way.


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