Snowflakes, Snowflaking Hard

Here is the scenario…

Officer: We’re here to search for weapons in your home.

Home Owner: Where’s your warrant?

Officer: Your son’s school called the police and said your son brought a gun to school today.

Home Owner: My son hasn’t been to school in months, all the schools are closed due to the COVID-19. Where’s your warrant?

Officer: The school said that your son has a weapon hanging on his bedroom wall and it was visible to the teacher during online classes; that’s bringing a weapon to school.

Home Owner: Officer, do you hear yourself? My son’s bedroom is not inside the school building, it’s inside my home. The teachers are not inside the school building, the schools are all closed due to COVID-19. Where’s your warrant?

Officer: The school is concerned about your son’s safety, we’re just here trying to make sure your son is safe.

Home Owner: Making sure my son is safe in my home is my responsibility not yours or the school’s. Where’s your warrant?

Officer: If you don’t let us in to search for weapons we’ll have to detain you and your son.

Home Owner: Detain us, what for? Where’s your warrant?

Officer: You are obstructing an Officer in the performance of his duties.

Home Owner: Where’s your warrant?

Officer: We don’t have a warrant, we are asking for your cooperation with this health and welfare check.

Home Owner: No warrant? First you say you’re here to search for weapons in my home, next you say my son took a weapon to school, then you say you’re here to make sure my son is safe, then you say you’re going to detain us for obstructing an Officer, now you’re saying that this is a health and welfare check. You’re simply trying to intimidate your way inside my home and I’m exerting my Constitutional rights not to have my home illegally invaded and illegally searched without a warrant by Police Officers that swore to uphold the law and have no logical reason to be bothering me. You can tell that snowflake teacher and the school to get a grip on reality, my son’s bedroom is not within her jurisdiction to control and I’ll be filing a formal complaint against the teacher for invasion of privacy and the school for making false claims to the police. I’ll also make sure that the local news papers and TV stations get a detailed report of your visit here today. Thank you for your service and have a great day. (Homeowner calmly shuts door and walks away.)

(Officers stand on the front porch for a moment with their mouths hanging open, then turn and walk away.)

Absurd scenario? Ya think? Did something like this actually happen, nope most of this one is fiction but it’s not far from possible in our new world of snowflakes.

The original premise of the fictional scenario I wrote is actually not fiction; I was referred to this story by a blog post on Ethics Alarms. Yes a teacher actually reported that she saw a gun on the wall behind the student during their online class, she took a screen shot of it, sent the screenshot to her superiors, her superiors called the police, the police showed up at the students’ home to search for weapons, beyond that the story is different. Watch the video at the link I provided.

I’m sorry folks but what happened in this incident should never have happened; the teacher or the school should have had respect for the parent and called the parent to address their concerns before taking to the absurd and extreme position of calling the police on the family. This disrespectful action from the school was a clear violation of the students’ privacy. As for the school principal making an absurd claim that seeing the weapons in the video is equivalent to bring the weapon to school and calling the police because of it, well folks, if the school principal cannot control their hard snowflaking that principal should be terminated.

To all my teacher friends, I know you’re out there; I greatly respect all that you have to deal with from ignorant helicopter parents that think their little angel would never do such a thing, to disruptive and violent students wreaking havoc in your classrooms, to administrators on your back, but seriously, if your school administrators encourage this kind of snowflake behavior from you, you tell them in as nice a way as you see fit to get a grip on reality.

7 thoughts on “Snowflakes, Snowflaking Hard


    As a rule, The Gotch isn’t into VERBIFYING nouns.

    But for one that so laughably depicts something so clearly despicable, and so eminently deserving of pronounced ridicule, as SNOWFLAKE?

    That’s different; Run ‘Er Up The Flagpole!

    The Gotch

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      1. Speaking of which, haven’t heard from slick willy in quite some time. I believe his wife has been ill; I think you’ve been/are in contact with him, please give him my best.

        The Gotch

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