The Indoctrinated Social Justice Hive Mind

Have you ever heard the phrase “if it feels good, do it” or maybe “do-as-you-please individualism”? Well we’re seeing hordes of stupid people that are obsessed at engaging in rewarding non-substance-related behaviors because it makes them feel good to virtue signal to their fellow social justice warriors. We are seeing wide-spread public feel good virtue signaling that rivals what hippies did between the late 1950’s to the 1970’s. These people feel so compelled to do the things they want and virtue signal to their peers to get “likes” that they lose their ability to think rationally. These behavioral dependent virtue signaling “hippies”, which we now refer to as progressives, social justice warriors and ANTIFA are acting as if they never want to walk away from anything and later say to themselves “I regret not…”. They are so scared to death of creating that feeling of regret within themselves that they don’t realize in the process they’re overriding that common sense part of their subconscious that helps prevent them from flushing their ethics, doing irrational things and acting like ignorant assholes.

In one way or another, I’ve been touching on this topic for a while. I’ve discussed pieces of it here, here, here, here and even touched on it in the long blog that inspired me to start this blog about how Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” message has been bastardized.

Houston we have a problem!

Modern day progressives, social justice warriors and ANTIFA are addicted to emotional virtue signaling and it appears that they will do or say anything to get their emotional fix; they’re behavioral dependent upon that emotional fix, they’re addicted to getting that “like” from their fellow virtue signaling peers.

In my recent post, Politicians In A Political Bubble, where I presented the facts surrounding a Facebook conversation, I wrote in that blog post that my opinions regarding the conversations would come later, here it is.

How dare I challenge their hive mind!

Let’s start out with this gem from Bill Anderson whom I can only describe as a fascist minded totalitarian fool that states that he literally want’s to imprison those, me in particular, because of their rhetoric.

Yup folks, it’s off to prison for the likes of me for exercising my freedom of speech and sharing my opinion. How dare I challenge their hive mind!

Notice how Anderson psychologically projects his own toxic uncivil and moral bankruptcy on others. This assimilate or else kind of mentality is rapidly becoming a common mantra from these fascist minded totalitarians fools, they ignore the United States Constitution except where it applies to themselves and those they agree with, the rest of us be damned. They’re hate filled bigots (a bigot is a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions) and openly show their unethical double standards where the Constitution is concerned. What I find particularly interesting in his initial volley of hate filled bigotry was his statement about what he perceives as an “oppressive social order” which he refuses to explain and then later in the same comment he states openly that he thinks people should be physically imprisoned because of their rhetoric, in other words imprison them for using their constitutional right to free speech to express an opinion that differs from the hive mind. Implementing what he wrote wold be fanatical totalitarianism much like the fanatical bigoted fascist that imprisoned others across the globe in the past which is the “oppressive social order” that he professes to be against. In my opinion, Anderson is a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform. Anderson’s writings are literally the evil he professes to be against. His rhetoric is open anti-constitutional rhetoric which is anti-American and it’s a cancerous social infection spreading across the United States. There’s serious hypocritical internal conflicts going on within the psyche of people that share this kind of ideology; they enjoy the freedom to speak their minds and they demand to be heard but yet they want to imprison those they oppose, like me, for freely speaking our minds; they are the epitome of totalitarian fascists and double standard wielding hypocrites. For these totalitarian fools, the opinion of their hive mind is the ONLY acceptable opinion that they want to be presented in public; they’re activists opposing the Constitution of the United States of America.

Also this petty little fascist minded fool launched into false claims that I’m a nationalist (from his ilk you can read that as a backhanded accusation of being a white supremacist/fascist/racist) and having “very authoritarian views” and, get this, this moron derived all that from looking at my profile photo, this photo…

If we can derive such things from a simple profile photo then maybe this should be Bill Anderson’s profile photo…

…after all Anderson’s certainly parroting similar hate filled rhetoric as fascists.

For the record I’m not a nationalist, not an authoritarian, not a white supremacist, not a racist, not a fascist, etc, etc. What I am is a person that’s pro United States Constitution, pro rule of law, pro personal responsibility, and pro accountability and those things seem to scare the hell out of progressives, social justice warriors and ANTIFA.

Here is another segment from the same Facebook conversation. This is a conversation where the commenter, Zaia Hartman, begins by attacking someone she disagrees with by race baiting right up front and anyone that disagrees with her attacks is also labeled a white supremacist and a racist. The result of her comments is she sounds like an immature fool.

First, here is Ms. Hartman’s public profile photo…

I’m over 60 years old, in my book Ms. Hartman IS a young lady and in my opinion her rhetoric was immature. My usage of “young lady” wasn’t inaccurate. After I was banned from participation in the conversation Ms. Hartman wrote this within one of her follow-up comments

“Similarly, Steve Witherspoon tried to attack my credibility by belittling me (calling me a “young lady”) and asserting his sense of superiority by questioning both my intellect and intelligence simply for disagreeing with him. These are what I would consider personal attacks.” August 25, 2019

I think it’s interesting that Hartman launched herself into a public discussion by immediately spewing hateful false accusations of white supremacy and racism (personal attacks) and she repeated her false personal attacks over and over again and yet this immature snowflake felt the things I wrote that challenged the things she wrote were “personal attacks”. So now using the phrase “Young Lady” is a personal attack? My, my, this poor little snowflake can certainly dish out the personal attacks, hate and false accusations but she can’t take any criticism towards herself or arguments against her false accusations, that behavior shows immaturity. Again; young lady is truthful and accurate. It appears from Hartman’s own words that she thinks her freedom of speech gives her carte blanche to publicly spew false accusations against anyone and she appears to think that she should never be challenged to prove her false accusations, plus anyone that challenges her opinion is a racist or white supremacist.

Dumbed-down stupid (having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense) people like this are a festering cancerous infection deeply rooted in our society.

Continuing on to another totalitarian fascist gem…

Anderson is parroting the same hateful totalitarian fascist rhetoric that prominent people in our society spout regularly. Here is what appears to be the tactics of these totalitarian fascists; first you constantly demonize those you oppose by attacking the messenger not the message, then you intentionally exclude them from the “norms” of society by publicly smearing and intimidating them, then you block their participation in a free society, then you strip them of their rights, and lastly you physically isolate them from society.

If that weren’t enough all by itself, there’s more you really must read related to this same Facebook post, Politicians In A Political Bubble, Muldrow offers non-apology, Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.

Now for a “new” tactic from the totalitarian extremists in the political left that I’m starting to see more often.

Sealioningis a type of trolling or harassment which consists of pursuing people with persistent requests for evidence or repeated questions, while maintaining a pretense of civility and sincerity.

From what we read and hear from people like Anderson, and many similar internet trolls, is that if the hive mind is challenged to prove its false accusations then those that are challenging them are falsely accused of sealioning on top of falsely being accused of being racists, sexists, etc. This is another way that they try to squash their opposition into silence. The totalitarian fascist hive mind is not interested in fact based rhetoric, they want to freely accuse others of all sorts of evils without ever being challenged by anyone to prove their accusations, they EXPECT everyone to believe them and never challenge them – they’re all rhetorical cowards! Here’s what’s at the core of their actions…

If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,

people will eventually come to believe it.

If you repeat a lie long enough, it becomes truth.

If you repeat a lie many times, people are bound to start believing it.

This the same thing that was put into practice by the master propagandist Paul Joseph Goebbels who was a German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. These people are literally following the same kind of playbook that the Nazi totalitarian fascists used and they have the audacity to call those that oppose them fascists.

If/when these unethical and unintelligent tactics don’t work to silence their opposition they resort to other things, like banning them from participating in public discussions which is EXACTLY what Ali Muldrow did on her public Facebook page.

Here’s another gem by Muldrow that came out of the same comment thread;

“Explain to me how arresting people makes the world a better place, how prisons and detention centers are keeping Americans safe?”

The question is signature significant. In all seriousness; anyone that writes that kind of nonsense question is completely blinded by their own bias, or they’re a blithering idiot, or they’re trying to justify the elimination of our entire legal system, they want the police, the legal system and the prisons that house actual convicted criminals abolished. Give me another reason someone would ask such a insane question and I’ll consider it as an additional possibility. Muldrow is not alone in what appears to be her activism towards abolishing prisons.

What drives these people into these kinds of behaviors, I’m beginning to think that it’s Behavioral Dependence. Yes; modern day progressives, social justice warriors and ANTIFA are addicted to emotional virtue signaling and they’ll do or say anything to get their emotional fix; they appear to be behavioral dependent upon that emotional fix.

How did we get here?

What would cause people to allow their emotions to override their intelligence, critical thinking, logic and simple common sense?

Think about it; these people have been taught that their emotions overrule everything since they were knee high to a grasshopper. They’ve been taught that anyone that’s opposes what their emotions tell them is “truth” is either wrong or evil; real truth and real facts be damned, their emotions rule!

For decades politically correct (aka ignorant) parents have been tying the hands of schools trying to prevent their little angles from suffering the consequences of their actions. The same ignorant parents have been coddling their children and not implementing appropriate consequences for their children’s actions. Those same parents have been encouraging a ridiculous participation trophy lifestyle in an effort to bolster their children’s emotional growth thus placing their children’s emotions above all else! Now we see the children of these same ignorant parents all grown up and spurred on by an ignorantly corrupted PC society they’re using the same emotional PC garbage to indoctrinate their own children but they have taken it to new levels of absurdity. On top of their PC absurdities now they no longer want the police to arrest their precious little coddled angels and apply the necessary consequences when their degenerate little shits break the law. There is a generational coddling of children going on on a massive scale! Anyone that opposes the coddling of children in these ways is accused of promoting child abuse, these idiotic people have shown us that this is actually how they think.

One example of this generational coddling of children is Ali Muldrow. Muldrow puts everything that our youth does at school into a blanket category of “developmentally normal adolescent behaviors” even the behaviors that are illegal or violent she rationalizes this way. It’s Muldrow’s opinion that “subjecting children to incarcerations is violence” and putting a child of any age in jail for any reason even when it’s because of the child’s illegal activities and/or violence is “child abuse” and “incarceration does tremendous damage to children whether they have committed a crime or not” and incarceration “does not promote positive outcomes”. If a person in opposition to the coddling states something as simple as “what I’m hoping for is less crime committed thus requiring fewer arrests and that is what you should be hoping for too” a hoard of social justice warrior wackos smear you with accusations and innuendo from every angle. You can’t make this up, it’s really happening! Everything tells me that people like Muldrow literally cannot see beyond consequences and rationalize away the actions that brought on the consequences simply because there are people suffering consequences that they don’t like. This is what these ignorant people have been indoctrinated into believing and their ignorant activism is enabling crime.

Before I said that Muldrow is not alone in her views about prisons; taking this out to a more national level we see that Muldrow and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appear to have been spun from the same web of indoctrination that’s been implemented by a social system that is dumbing down America into a horde of stupid people. Ocasio-Cortez recently tweeted about prison abolition (prison abolition is a movement, a loose network of groups and activists, that seek to reduce or eliminate prisons and the prison system, and replace them with systems of rehabilitation that do not place a focus on punishment and government institutionalization).

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez states on her website, “Representative Ocasio-Cortez is committed to dismantling our system of mass incarceration and ending the school-to-prison pipeline.” Ocasio-Cortez is promoting the bald-faced lie of a school-to-prison pipeline to help promote the dismantling of our system of justice. Why don’t you hear social justice warriors like Ocasio-Cortez talk about the gangs-to-prison pipeline, the drinking-and-drugs-to-prison pipeline, the broken-family-to-prison pipeline, the abuse-and-abandonment-to-prison pipeline, crime-to-prison pipeline, or that individual responsibility thing that’s clearly taboo to all ignorant social justice warriors called the bad-personal-choices-to-prison pipeline? People like Muldrow and Ocasio-Cortez need to understand that choices have consequences and their activism that only condemns the consequences of bad individual choices does nothing to change why individuals are making bad choices. In addition, the kind of anti-prison activism they are promoting enables criminal behavior.

When you get down to the actual core of their prison abolition ideas it really is a complete abolition (the action or an act of abolishing a system, practice, or institution) of prisons and the entire system that puts criminals in prison all the way down to the police. Their smears and condemnation of the entire judicial system is across the board, they want it all gone and they don’t appear to give a damn about the consequences.

Again, the question asked by Muldrow, “Explain to me how arresting people makes the world a better place, how prisons and detention centers are keeping Americans safe?” is signature significant of the entire prison abolition movement. You just can’t fix the kind of indoctrinated stupid that causes people to ask such ridiculously illogical questions.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez states on her website “A Just Society legislation aims to combat one of the greatest threats to our country, our democracy, and our freedom: economic inequality” which Ocasio-Cortez calls “economic injustice”. FYI: it’s signature significant that Ocasio-Cortez is making a claim that “economic inequality” is one of our greatest threats. News flash Ocasio-Cortez; there isn’t a country on planet earth that doesn’t have economic inequality but that doesn’t mean that actual injustice exists. Ocasio-Cortez is focused on equality in economic outcomes not equality in opportunity which is the core of the American Dream.

“The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, the set of ideals (democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity and equality) in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, as well as an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers. In the definition of the American Dream by James Truslow Adams in 1931, ‘life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement’ regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.”

The things that really jump out at me from that description of the American Dream are, “the set of ideals (democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity and equality)“, “opportunity for prosperity and success”, “achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers” and “opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth”. The word opportunity is used three times in that description of the American Dream and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Individual opportunity is THE core of the American Dream. Having the opportunity to achieve the American Dream has been the dream of millions born and raised in the United States along with millions of immigrants that have traveled to our shores for hundreds of years. The American Dream is the dream that we instill in our children if we want the United States to continue as a free nation based on our Constitution for generations to come.


Social justice warriors like Ocasio-Cortez are focused only on outcomes and completely ignore the core of the American dream. They see that some people don’t have the same economic purchasing power as someone else, which is factually true, and people like Ocasio-Cortez say that that “economic inequality” one of the greatest threats to our country, our democracy, and our freedom? No Ocasio-Cortez, your indoctrinated thinking is literally one of the greatest internal threats to our country, our democracy, and especially our freedoms. It really is signature significant that a moron like Ocasio-Cortez got elected to Congress of the United States of America; it shows just how far our society had fallen down the irrational rabbit hole of being “dumbed down” that her constituents would elect her, someone that’s clearly anti-American, to office.

The United States of America is built upon a Constitution based free society and the tunnel-visioned thinking of totalitarian social justice warriors like Bill Andersen, Zaia Hartman, Ali Muldrow, and Ocasio-Cortez are a clear and present threat to our society as a whole. There are a lot more of these people out there spreading this cancerous infection across our society. These anti-freedom, anti-Constitution, anti-United States, anti-police, anti-prisons, and pro-chaos people aren’t just an isolated few, you can find their equivalent all across the United States in every city preaching their totalitarian ideology as they condemn all the pieces that’s made the United States of America great. If you dare to publicly disagree with these totalitarians you will be publicly smeared, publicly intimidated, publicly bullied, and publicly “attacked” and your voice will be silenced.

Where are these dumbed down people coming from?

Most of Generation Z and a huge chunk of Generation X are generations full of dumbed-down, tunnel-vision, emotional troglodytes and should be called Generation L for the Lost Generations. These generations have emerged as the core asset to the social justice movement that progressives have been vying for around sixty years. The hippies of the 50’s thru 70’s have infiltrated all aspects of our society dumbing down a huge chunk of our society into a non-logical, non-critical thinking, emotion-driven, hive-minded drones and their efforts have driven divisive wedges deep into the social structure of the United States. Socialist minded progressives know full well that the United States will not fold to their totalitarian ideology if the people of the United States think rationally and stand united; therefore, emotion and division is their means to an end. Let’s face if folks, sixty years ago (heck even twenty years ago) there is absolutely no way that a moron like Ocasio-Cortez would have gotten elected to the United States Congress or a loose cannon mouthed person like Donald Trump have gotten elected to the office of the President of the United States, our society and thus the country is swirling around the bowl primed and ready for a rapid flushing. The people we have running the United States in Washington DC are not the actual cause of the problems in the United States their presence there is a result of the divisional problems that have been shoved down our throats by anti-american extremist wing calling themselves “progressives”.

We have people on the political left that have or are in the process of losing their minds all because they hate President Trump. To be honest, I don’t like President Trump much either, I didn’t vote for the man, I wish he’d stop using Twitter, I wish he’d ignore the irrational attacks from the left, I wish he’d shut up and do his job. But let’s be honest the root cause of the things we are seeing were not created by President Trump.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s hate.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s irrational aversion to truth and facts.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-American and anti-Constitution ideological leanings.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s totalitarianism.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s bastardization of words and symbols.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-history stance.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-social behaviors.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-respect, anti-logic, anti-critical thinking, and anti-civility.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s Pravda like propaganda media machine.

President Trump didn’t create the left’s “deep state”.

Etc, etc, etc…

All President Trump has to do is do anything, or be in favor of anything, or be against anything and the left goes straight off the deep end of reality to attack whatever Trump does or says and in the process they reveal themselves in signature significant ways!

Let’s shift gears now. Earlier I mentioned behavioral dependence.

Behavioral Dependence: Is a form of addiction that involves a compulsion to engage in a rewarding non-substance-related behavior – sometimes called a natural reward despite any negative consequences to the person’s physical, mental, social or financial well-being.

Here are some quotes from an article posted at PubMed Central® (PMC) which is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM). The article is titled Behavioral Addiction versus Substance Addiction: Correspondence of Psychiatric and Psychological Views

“Behavioral science experts believe that all entities capable of stimulating a person can be addictive; and whenever a habit changes into an obligation, it can be considered as an addiction.”

“From the psychological and psychiatric viewpoint, behavioral addictions include a collection of disorders, such as anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, withdrawal and isolationism, affective disorders, disturbances in social relationships, school problems such as educational failure and lack of interest in doing homework, occupational or interpersonal difficulties, isolation and negligence of friends and family or personal responsibilities, and mental or physical restlessness. In instances when the individual reduces or stops a specific behavior, excessive fatigue, lifestyle changes, significantly reduced physical activity, deprivation and changes in sleep patterns, impatience, sexual deviations, violence, eating disorder and withdrawal symptoms ensue.”

The totalitarian fascist hive mind rooted in the extreme progressive wing of the Democratic Party is addicted to emotional virtue signaling and it appears that they will do or say anything to get their emotional fix; they’re behavioral dependent upon that emotional fix, they’re addicted to getting that “like” from their fellow virtue signaling peers. The totalitarian fascist hive mind wants to freely virtue signal to others by making unsubstantiated accusations about those they oppose accusing them of all sorts of evils without ever being challenged by anyone to prove their accusations, they actually expect everyone to believe their accusations and not challenge them! In other words; these totalitarian fascists want to openly slander and libel those they oppose and never be challenged about facts. Well folks, I’m here to bust their hive mind bubble anyway I can and we as a society cannot allow this kind of open bigotry, anti-Constitutional rhetoric, and their abuse of civil of their rights to intentionally infringe upon the civil rights of others to flourish any longer.

What the quotes above from our progressive and social justice warrior “friends” represent is open totalitarian thinking, free-will fascist thinking, anti-American thinking, and moral bankruptcy exhibited by the use of constant false accusations with absolutely nothing to support the accusations, twisting of statistics to absurdity, plus we see a sincere lack of intelligence, no critical thinking, no logic, outright bigotry and levels of irrational hate that can’t be denied. This is just a small sampling of progressives and social justice warrior virtue signaling comments from one very long Facebook discussion thread on one day, there are thousands upon thousands more of these kind of conversations across the internet and across the lunchroom table every single day! I see this trash all the time across social media platforms, I hear it coming out in spoken words from youth and protesters, I hear elected politicians across the United States spewing this kind of trash daily as if it’s fact. There’s no logic, there’s no critical thinking and the only facts they can muster are “facts” that are derived from statistical information that can be interrupted in so many different ways it’ll make your head spin; but of course, their way is the only right way and anyone that disagrees with them should be imprisoned. They truly are totalitarian minded fascists and the continued expansion of their irrational ideological views will destroy our culture and the United States of America.

I long for the days, not so long ago, where progressives were still considered the radical extreme wing of the political left and Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans could work reasonably together to achieve compromise. Progressives and their irrational army of social justice warriors and ANTIFA have derailed society and politics in the United States by creating a breeding ground for stupidity and driving a massive divisive wedge into the heart of what makes the United States a great place, as far as I can tell, that’s exactly what their goal is. It appears to me that progressives don’t want the United States to work as is, they want it to fail so they can put in place their narrow-minded ideological socialist “utopia” and they are actively trying to make the United States fail to achieve this end. In my opinion; progressives along with their willingly compliant propaganda media, social justice warriors and ANTIFA have become the enemy of the people. Why aren’t the moderate Liberals out in force to squash this irrational anti-American progressive wing of their party?

Houston we have a problem! We have a serious problem.

Featured Photo Credit: Cropped from this photo I found online.

11 thoughts on “The Indoctrinated Social Justice Hive Mind

  1. Thoughtful article, thanks! I can’t believe what I hear and read anymore. I think it’s important to ask how we got here, but more importantly: How do we get out of this mess?

    “Why aren’t the moderate Liberals out in force to squash this irrational anti-American progressive wing of their party?”

    Great question! I think part of it is that sane Democrats have been elbowed out by the radicals, and / or are too scared to speak out – which is a sign of poor leadership skills. Look at Tulsi Gabbard. From the outset she seems sane, yet she’s not being given a voice.

    I can tell you that as someone who has been a (very) moderate Dem for most of my life, I’ve walked away. Never thought I’d be voting Republican, yet here I am. I don’t like Trump, but there’s no way I can support the Progressives and their radicalism.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “I think part of it is that sane Democrats have been elbowed out by the radicals”

      I think that’s a bit of an understatement. What I think is more accurate is that anyone right of the totalitarian extreme progressives’ hive is considered to be a Republican now – that’s how far the pendulum has been shoved over by progressives in the past few years.

      “too scared to speak out”

      That’s exactly what the totalitarians want, they count silence from anyone as support for their totalitarianism.

      “I don’t like Trump, but there’s no way I can support the Progressives and their radicalism.”

      If you can’t vote for progressives and their radicalism then you’re a useless pile of flesh to them. If you speak out against progressives and their radicalism then you’re evil that needs to be silenced.

      Truthfully; now all they have to do is make you hate Trump enough that you won’t vote for him either, that’s exactly what they’re trying to do right now with this rule breaking, norm breaking impeachment inquiry. Their goal is to get anyone that might support Trump to completely tune out of politics and not show up to the polls on election day; if they keep pushing with their boy who cried wolf attacks they could “awaken a sleeping giant” and the exact opposite could happen. Progressives have backed themselves into an all-or-nothing ideological corner and now they’re playing Russian roulette.

      The aftermath of the 2020 election is not going to be pretty.


  2. Well stated, Steve.

    I have a theory, based in observable human nature, that might help explain some of the concepts you have fingered here.

    People need relationships, be they with family, neighbors, friends, or simply clubs. Relationship has been diluted in our society by social media, which gives a wealth of information and viewpoint, but a poverty of soul fulfilling relationship. Devices fill our hours without nourishing our souls. Who has not seen the group of teens sitting in the same room, texting each other instead of talking? Texting is a poor substitute for direct conversation, just as chicken broth is a poor substitute for roast chicken. It might taste good but will not fill you up.

    This creates a hole, a lack, in the soul (soul: mind, ego, and emotions) of the person. One might choose to fill such a lack with drugs, or alcohol, or sex, or hero worship, etc… but none of these satisfies but for the moment. These things can become an addiction while not addressing the root of the problem.

    Having people agree with you is another way to fill that hole. True affirmation comes from relationships, but affirmation without relationship only gives a temporary ‘high.’ They must get their fix again and again to have a measure of peace, just like any drug addict. “Others like me,” they think, “so I must be doing great!” Like any addict, they will go to ever-greater lengths to quiet the pain.

    Yet the yawning maw within continues to hunger, devouring the chicken broth of affirmation when the meat of relationship is needed. Simply having a bubble of ‘yes men’ agree with you is no longer enough: someone does NOT agree with you, does not give you the affirmation you crave, and actually opposes your whim! THEY must be the reason for the ache within, and they MUST agree with you, or be silenced… even imprisoned or killed.

    Once NO ONE disagrees, the pain will be silenced… except that still did not address the root of the problem. you have become a monster, and worse, a wounded one at that. They will cross that line, and find they cannot even get the ‘likes’ from their so-called peers, having become repugnant to the group, who think themselves above the actions taken to coerce submission from dissenters.

    This is the true definition of poverty: the absence of edifying relationships.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Texting is a poor substitute for direct conversation, just as chicken broth is a poor substitute for roast chicken. It might taste good but will not fill you up.”

      “Having people agree with you is another way to fill that hole. True affirmation comes from relationships, but affirmation without relationship only gives a temporary ‘high.’”

      “Yet the yawning maw within continues to hunger, devouring the chicken broth of affirmation when the meat of relationship is needed. Simply having a bubble of ‘yes men’ agree with you is no longer enough: someone does NOT agree with you, does not give you the affirmation you crave, and actually opposes your whim! THEY must be the reason for the ache within, and they MUST agree with you, or be silenced… even imprisoned or killed.”

      That’s a really interesting way of looking at it.

      It really boils down to the people that are in constant search of the chicken broth have been brainwashed into believing that chicken broth is the source of all that is good and anything else, like the meat, is bad.

      That was a good read.


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