The Hidden Mr. Hyde [UPDATED]

At the beginning of 2019 I began writing the blog post The 21st Century’s Bastardization of “I Have A Dream” to address the deterioration of King’s dreams that I’ve been seeing over the years. At the end of May, I was in the process of my final edits to the blog post and something completely unexpected happened. I came across a blog post at Ethics Alarms titled Martin Luther King Was A Depraved Sexual Predator. Now What, Statue-Topplers? which eventually led me back to the source article titled #MeToo Comes For Martin Luther King. If everything in the article turns out to be true then my personal perception of the character of the honorable activist Martin Luther King Jr. has been tarnished forever.

Over at Ethics Alarms I posted the following comment in the above mentioned blog post about the revelation…


How did I not know this information about King?

Did I ever hear about it?

Did I hear it and reject it with the King’s Pass?

Did I somehow just miss it being all over the news?

Where did I fail?

This is how the peeling away of the public facade of a man revealing the underlying character can negatively change an individuals perspective of that man’s character if ever I saw one.

This revelation is quite disturbing to me.

In my spare time, what little I have this year, I’ve been writing an essay relating to King’s 1963 “I have a dream” speech and now I feel that I must completely edit out parts relating to his personal character in case all this is factually true.

Reread. Rethink. Rewrite.

I was absolutely shocked at the revelation, to say the least. I immediately did a rewrite of the blog post that I’d been diligently working on for nearly six months and stripped it of all the things I thought needed to be stripped related to King’s personal character and posted the nearly four thousand word essay on my relatively new blog on June 7th.

Fast forward…

It’s been eighteen days since I first found out about King’s horrid personal character flaws and to this day I still have not seen a single major United States media outlet do its due diligence to cover this story; why the silence? It’s been eighteen days and the #MeToo crowd that has relentlessly attacked anyone that’s been accused of even touching a woman without permission is being completely silent about King’s depraved behavior regarding the actual rape of a woman as he “looked on, laughed and offered advice”; why the silence? It’s been eighteen days and the social justice warriors that have been actively destroying historical statues and forcing municipalities to remove statues and change the names of schools and buildings all over the United States have remained completely silent; why the silence? What I have seen in the last eighteen days is ad hominem attacks launched at David Garrow for having the gall to write the article.

What’s happening here? Why aren’t people publicly outraged? Where are the #MeToo activists screaming about the survivors and smearing everything King did? Where are the protesters taking to the streets defacing King statues across the United States, demanding that King’s statue in Washington DC be removed, demanding the holiday in his name be terminated, demanding that all schools, buildings and streets named in his honor be renamed? Where are the public demands for this co-called “social justice” that I’ve been hearing about? What about King’s victims?

Furthermore; why wouldn’t anyone in the United States of America publish the article about King that Garrow wrote? I’ll tell you why, it’s because everyone in the United States is scared to death of irrational social justice warriors publicly labeling them as racists. People have learned that 21st century social justice warriors are irrational fools that will twist anything into racist allegations regardless of truth and they will use the false accusations to destroy companies and individuals.

If the behavior that King exhibited in the FBI tapes is confirmed, and it likely will be confirmed, then King was a depraved sleazebag and a moral hypocrite of epic proportions. King might very well have been a Jekyll & Hyde.

I wrote in my previous “I Have A Dream” blog

“the core of King’s dream was to make the statement inscribed in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal” more than just a meaningless moral platitude, he wanted it to be part of our core beliefs, an integral part of our everyday life and become an automatic part of our decision making process. “

When the honorable activist King used the word “men” when he spoke these words “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’ ” it’s now very clear that he meant only men and women should remain unworthy of equality and they deserved to be abused and raped.

Martin Luther King Jr. is getting the King’s Pass, #11 on the list of Unethical Rationalizations and Misconceptions, because;

  • Glaringly open hypocrisy. It’s fine to attack those that are considered right of the political divide but not those considered left of the political divide.
  • King is an honored part of the protected tribe of black people and any attacks against his character would be considered outright heresy.
  • People are scared to death of public retaliation from irrational 21st century social justice warriors; even social justice warriors are scared of being eaten by their own.

When this kind of hypocrisy, tribal division and fear is so prevalent and accepted as normal in our society then our society is screwed!

[UPDATE: December 15, 2020]
It has been proven that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized portions of his dissertation effectively making is doctorate in philosophy from Boston null and void but yet King got a King’s Pass from the Boston University as reported by the New York Times in 1991. Anyone else would be stripped of their doctorate, King’s doctorate should also be stripped. Of course it’s not likely that anyone in the media would dare to cover the stripping of King’s doctorate in the 21st century’s emotionally and racially charged political environment. I wonder why the hordes of social justice warriors haven’t got their talons in this story and canceled King; eventually they will be forced to cancel King because they’re bastardizing his teachings. King had the audacity to preach unity over division and, worst of all, he preached to “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” and the 21st century’s social justice core is to judge based on the color of one’s skin not the content of their character.

Personally, I think King’s equality activism was very heroic as I wrote in my previous blog and his public legacy should remain regardless of his personal character failings and I say the exact same thing about the other historical figures that irrational social justice warriors have been attacking in recent years. All these historical people hold a prominent place in our history and power hungry social justice warriors are irrational ignorant fools for trying to air-brush the history of the United States of America.

Featured Photo Credit: Original Photo: Nobel Foundation archive. Bastardized with Photoshop by Steve Witherspoon

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